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Would you submit to moral, but non-biblical, lifestyle restrictions in your job?
A Christian university here in town recently put an end to a 68-year ban on staff drinking...

Share your stories of victory over alcohol abuse
Alcohol is a tricky issue in the Church. Some Christians choose to abstain, some don't, and both...

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Running Into Busyness - #6317
Busyness that is running from the truth is an escape, as surely as drugs or alcohol. And it's just as addicting. Isn't it time to stop running finally and unload the stress of a neurotic, destructive busyness and just listen to God? Deal with what he's been chasing you for all these years, and you won't have to run nearly so much.

Drink wine in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Paul tells Timothy to drink wine in this verse. Apparently, Timothy had some problems with his stomach and illness, so Paul proscribed wine as a cure.

Drunk in the Bible: Ephesians 5:18
The Bible makes it plain that drunkenness is inappropriate, and not the sort of activity we're meant to pursue with our bodies. Instead of losing ourselves in worldly pursuits, we are to focus on God.

Finding Freedom From Addiction
Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, gambling, or something else, addictions are a major problem in our society. But what’s the solution? And how can we help those we love overcome their problems? This week Nancy welcomes biblical counselor Ed Welch as he shares wisdom from the Scriptures.

Substance Abuse: Help for Parents of Kids on Drugs
The news that your kid uses drugs or alcohol hits you like a ton of bricks. You are needed as God's instrument of Grace to others, but you need healing yourself. You are not alone. Turn to those who understand your pain and can offer help...ministry parents and their kids who have been there.