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Seeing What Your Opponent Sees - #6431
Find the scriptures that deal with that weakness as Jesus did, and be ready to quote the Word of God. Treat your weak areas with generous applications of the memorized Word of God.


Dining From The Garbage Café - #5829
If you're wondering why you feel defeated so many times, why you don't feel as close to Jesus as you used to, or why your dark side keeps winning and bringing you down, well consider your diet: what you're watching, what you're listening to, who you're spending time with, or the things you laugh at.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When Adults Should Be Babies - #3831
So how's your appetite? Can you honestly say, "I can't wait for my next time to get into God's words? I really miss it when I don't have that time?" See if your appetite for what God says is something less than strong and insistent, think about what may be affecting your appetite.