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Delve Into Jesus : Resources
This is a place for members to post reviews of the music, books, and websites they have found helpful or inspirational. It is more than just a list of every Christian website, book and film on the market - it is a place to share your testimony about what a particular item has done for you.

Review of The Culture-Wise Family
For those of us who work with teenagers, we are aware of the vast influence of mass media in their lives. Most teenagers spend hours a day listening to music, watching television, or surfing the internet.

Review of The One, the Only Magnificent Me by Dan Haseltine
The One, the Only Magnificent Me written by Haseltine and illustrated by award-winning artist Joel Schoon Tanis is a delightful story about an imaginative young boy striving to find individuality amongst his peers.

Review of How To Ruin Your Life By 40
Steve Farrar's latest book, How To Ruin Your Life By 40, reads like a how-to manual for the first 20 years of your adult life. With sometimes brutal honesty, Farrar lays out a plan to keep us all from making some of the typical mistakes during some of our most formative years.

You're Next by Greg Stier
Theology--it literally means the “study of the Word of God.” But what happens when you mention the word theology around your youth ministry? Do your students and leaders cringe or sigh hoping you’re not going to make them study something they think is from “old school scholars.”

Your Girl by Vicki Courtney
Your Girl by Vicki Courtney touches on many topics that are important to teens and to their mothers. There are articles and chapters on why a girl should dress modestly, including a guy’s perspective on that.

Review of Can I Call You Soldier?
When Can I Call You Soldier arrived for me to review I actually snorted out loud. Looking at the back cover I thought, "What am I going to do with this book, it's a book about black men mentoring young black men?"

Review of Feeling for Bones by Bethany Pierce
Feeling for Bones by Bethany Pierce introduces the reader to Olivia, a sixteen year old girl so consumed with inner struggles that her reality becomes distorted. One way that Olivia tries to maintain control is by managing her weight.

Stealth Attack by Ray Pritchard
The ministry of Satan is alive and well in the world today. While great innovations make life more pleasant than ever for some, armies of God's adversary continue to make advances in both expected and unexpected ways. The poor are oppressed and forced to endure exposure to disease and endless cycles

Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller
Searching for God Knows What, the third book from author Donald Miller. Blue Like Jazz, Miller's most famous work, captivated readers who appreciate Miller's honesty and transparency about faith. Miller continues the search for faith and belief through wonderful stories and characters.