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Responding to the China earthquake
The massive cyclone destruction in Myanmar has occupied world attention in recent weeks—but...

Outreach on the streets of Beijing
While the Olympics are underway, plenty of ministry and outreach is taking place on the streets...

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Pushing Inward | Christian History Institute
Whether he was battling despair or floating on euphoric faith, Hudson Taylor drove himself—and the gospel—ever deeper into China. From Christian History magazine.

The power of social networking leverage. Example: Swan Lake ballet video
Here are some new stories – and an incredible video of Swan Lake by Chinese State Circus like you've never seen it before – that illustrate the leverage of social media

So Rich, So Needy - #6201
God has always judged the true righteousness of His people by their love and commitment to three groups of people: the poor, the victims, and the lost. Is that what we're about? Is that what you're about?

Evangelization Efforts in Northeast Asia
Looking at evangelization efforts among the largest eighteen people clusters in Northeast Asia.

Time to Shine: The Chinese Church, Church Plantinting, and World Missions
An overview of the Chinese Church both within China and its work in missions worldwide.

LWP- Many Faces of Poverty in China
Four faces of poverty in China--and hope on the horizon.

LWP - Beijing’s Poor and the 2008 Olympic Games
The author shares how countless Chinese urbanites and migrant workers have been displaced by the upcoming Olympics.

LWP - Urban Poverty and Urban Slums in China
The author discusses the "floating population" in China and its relation to the hukou system.

LWP-Global Sporting Events and the Urban Poor
An introduction to those living in poverty in China and the impact of the Olympic Games on their lives.

Lausanne World Pulse - Into Their World…The Central Tibetans of China
A nomadic lifestyle, poor infrastructure and bans on sharing the gospel make evangelizing the Central Tibetans of China extremely difficult