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Serving God with Laughter
Although released almost fifty years ago, Leslie Flynn's book Serve Him with Mirth is a classic...

An Atheist Looks at Africa quietly launched a new blog on their site last month. They produce small group Bible...

Do all religions lead to the same God?
Are the world's religions all just different paths to the same destination? Most Christians would...

Is Church Attendance Required to Call Yourself a Christian?
Let's say a person became a Christian some time ago and just never got around to finding a...

Is Reading the Bible a Requirement for Christians?
I've been thinking recently about what my relationship to the Bible would have been if I had been...

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Conscience and Christianity A.S. Hayden
HE New Testament reveals a grand and glorious salvation. The angel that announced the birth of the Lord Jesus announced him as a Savior: "He shall save his people from their sins."

10 Reasons To Believe - In The Christian Faith
In a world filled with belief systems making religious claims, how can you know what to believe? How can you know who to follow? How can we say that Christianity is true but other religions are not?

Christianity's Toughest Issues
Here, we've done our very best to tackle the most serious and important questions about Jesus - the ones that people struggle with most frequently. There are not many easy answers here, but we promise to give you the straight truth.

World Missions Atlas Project - Central Asia
Overview Maps of the region depicting Evangelical Christianity Status, Bible Translation, Jesus Film Translation, and links to missiological country information.

Who is a real Christian?
Everyone should do a self-evaluation of his/her own life. Going to a particular church will never save anyone, nor will changing to a particular church save anyone. Salvation is an act of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. God's forgiveness is an act of grace that we cannot earn.

How Can Christians Say Other Religions Are Wrong?
Christians say that Jesus is the only way, and this sounds intolerant because society has an idea that religion is subjective, without any right and wrong. This article looks at the resurrection and Jesus' own claims that He is the "only way", and explains why it's not possible to compromise.