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Mental illness and the church
The Internet Monk is blogging this week about an especially difficult subject: mental illness,...

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The Christian Twelve Steps - Welcome to
I will accept help from others who are qualified and any treatment I may need. My life has become chaos and unmanageable and I surrender my problem and life to Christ, His Lordship for my recovery.

Christian 12 Step Recovery - Welcome to
Introduction to the Bible Studies on Recovery The goal and purpose of this Bible study series is to offer you helps and insights on recovery. These are written from a theological perspective and not about any particular psychological theory.

Devotional : Healing The Wounds Of War
This devotional looks at the devastating impact the war for the Kingdom has had on each of us, and how we are wounded as a result of the conflict. We are all casualties in need of healing, and that healing can only come from Jesus Christ.

Extreme Pursuit: John E. Davis, M.A.
Extreme Pursuit Winning the Race for the Heart of Your Son Teen boys face an uphill battle on the road to becoming men of integrity. Davis shares practical advice for connecting with teen boys, understanding their world, and dealing with tough issues.

WaYfm Hopeline
Questions about life? Need to talk to somebody? The Hopeline has answers to some of life's toughest questions, and a way for you to talk to a real live person about what you're struggling with.

Setting Captives Free - Mike Cleveland Brief Bio and SCF History
A history of Setting Captives Free. Setting Captives Free is a non-denominational ministry which teaches the biblical principles of freedom in Jesus Christ.

Winning at Home Wellness
Winning at Home's Wellness page. Includes a listing of their counselors with links to bios, description of services, and contact information.

Substance Abuse: Help for Parents of Kids on Drugs
The news that your kid uses drugs or alcohol hits you like a ton of bricks. You are needed as God's instrument of Grace to others, but you need healing yourself. You are not alone. Turn to those who understand your pain and can offer help...ministry parents and their kids who have been there.

problemas emocionales 1
How to deal with emotional problems. This is in Spanish.

Sex Addict Quiz for Symptoms of Pornography Addiction: Am I A Sex Addict or Porn Addict?
This 9 question self-assessment tests whether you are currently suffering from pornography or sexual addiction. The quiz could also be used as part of the counseling process.