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David L. Dawson - Perfeccionando a Los Santos
The entire course of Perfeccionando a Los Santos is now available for free download!

Follow-Up: Growing a New Believer
How can we follow-up on new believers? Dr. Barry St. Clair tells how to nurture young Christians.

recursos gratis para el discipulado
Free resources in Spanish for discipleship and follow-up.

serie de Los Navegantes: Estudios Sobre la Vida Cristiana
This is the entire series of Studies in Christian Living in Spanish, and it is free!
This is the homepage for, full of free materials in Spanish to help you in your personal ministry.

vision of PLS - Establish new believers - Follow-up
Every new Christian must be cared for, just as we would care for a newborn baby. They must learn to experience a daily, intimate relationship with the Lord.