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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Wounded But Still Fighting - #4301
If you've taken some hits lately - you're hurt, you're knocked down, you're wounded - then the stirring testimony of the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 4, beginning with verse 7, should be an encouragement and a challenge to you. It's our word for today from the Word of God. It comes from one who has been wounded over and over again, and who refuses to stop fighting for Jesus.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Painful Road to Greater Results - #4302
I need to understand this pruning thing. It's one of God's most important tools in growing me - and you, for that matter. In fact, some of the difficulty and loss that you're experiencing right now may actually be your Heavenly Father cutting you back to help you grow. And the results are going to be far greater than they ever could have been if He left what He has been taking away.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Taking Back What The Enemy Stole - #4315
That could be the mission God is asking you to go on right now. There's something, or someone, that our enemy Satan has stolen. And your Lord wants you to fight to get back what your enemy has no right to have.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Fog Cannot Win - #4316
The fog never really stands a chance - it's no match for the inevitable victory of the sun - in a majestic mountain landscape, or in the dark moments of your life and mine. And it could be that you're in one of those seasons right now. It's been a time of loss, of grief, of doubt and confusion, of a prodigal loved one, of no answers. Maybe you've been walking through a fog where evil seems to be winning; where injustice seems to be prevailing. The fog has rolled into your life and obscured things you were once so sure of. It's covered the joy you once had with a sense of sadness and fear and even thoughts of giving up.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - God's Wooden Magnet - #4319
Jesus said in John 12:32, our word for today from the Word of God, "'But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.' He said this to show the kind of death He was going to die." Strip away all the Christianity, and all the rituals, and all the steeples, and all the creeds and you're down to what this is really the issue - the God who hung on the cross. Jesus, God's one and only Son, pouring out His life to absorb all the hell of all the sin of all the people who have ever lived. Including you.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The House We Didn't Finish - #4325
That's not the only house a parent intended to build and never got done. In fact, many of us Moms and Dads knew how we wanted our family to be -- how we still want it to be -- but somehow the home, the family we intended to build never got finished, did it? Even as our children were leaving for college, Karen and I talked about how quickly the years had melted away and how we were feeling there was so much unfinished business in our kids' lives.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Trashing The Treasure - #4329
That was a costly mistake - trashing treasure because of the container it was in. It's a mistake many people are making. Except the treasure is themselves. And maybe we needed to talk about this today because you may be throwing away a treasure - called you.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Old On The Outside, New On The Inside - #4330
"We do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day." Now, make no mistake about it - the outside Paul was really taking a beating ... sometimes literally. Earlier in this chapter, he describes himself as "hard-pressed on every side," - maybe you can relate to that - "perplexed, persecuted, struck down." But though he's showing and feeling the mileage on the outside, he says God keeps renewing him on the inside.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Never Too Old For His Lap - #4331
Maybe you've been wounded in a relationship lately, you've experienced a very painful loss. Maybe a security blanket you've depended on has been taken away. Someone who's listening today is feeling very lonely, broken, confused, maybe unlovable, or even unloved. When you were little and felt like this, you may have had a parent's lap you could run to for safety and comfort. But you're all grown up now, and you're really hurting inside.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Where Trust is Born - #4359
Wounded, then afraid to trust, and missing a lot of love. That's not just the life story of a dog we know - it's the life story of millions of people. Maybe it's your story. You've been betrayed by people you should have been able to trust - abused, abandoned, deeply hurt. And it's hard for you to trust anyone. You've just been hurt too often.