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God and politics: starting the conversation
If you've seen the homepage this week, you know that our focus this week is on God and...

Al Menconi: helping your family make wise entertainment choices
Al Menconi Ministries has put together a nice video introducing their media ministry and talking...

Answering life's four basic questions
Ever wondered why you are here on earth, or what the purpose of your life is? According to a new...

Today's devotional: winning the spiritual war in our minds
One of the paradoxes of Christianity is that, while our faith is centered around sharing...

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Five Reasons Indigenous Media Ministries Are Vital to Christian Witness in the Middle East
In the ME/NA, modern media is not only helpful, it is indispensable and has become critically important to the very existence of the Church.

Specialized Ministries
Interested in singles ministry, encouraging ministry wives, creating an effective disability outreach, starting a local church Bible institute, radio ministry or other special ministries? Then look here! This category includes ministry how-tos and resources that are not found in our other sections.

Living Hope Ministries
Cut footage from the Bible vs. The Book of Mormon by Living Hope Ministries.

Living Hope Ministries
A video from Living Hope. While the modern LDS Church rejects polygamy, their fundamentalist "cousins" embrace it as a requirement for salvation. What is the mainstream Mormon church hiding from?

Living Hope Ministries
A video from Living Hope Ministries, "Called to be Free." Talks about Herbert Armstrong and British Israelism.

Living Hope Ministries
An hour long video that discusses the issue of "DNA vs. The Book of Mormon."

WaYfm DJ blogs
What do the WaYfm DJs have to say about life, music, and everything else? Check out their blogs and find out.

GetReligion » “The press . . . just doesn’t get religion.” — William Schneider
Homepage for GetReligion, a blog about media coverage of religion.

Youth Ministry Exchange - December 24th: Sad Santa Countdown
A ten minute movie with 100 pictures of kids crying on Santa's lap. Free resource to use with your youth group or church.

Free Christian Stock Photo Gallery | Urban ministry sermons, MP3s
Gallery of free stock photos and images for use in nonprofits' promotional materials and flyers. Contains technology-related pictures, urban imagery, global imagery, scenes of poverty, and photos from TechMission events.