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Exodus LifeGuide Bible Study
It is often very, very difficult to trust God with the things that matter most to you--money, career, marriage, health. As you study the book of Exodus, you'll see that Israel faced similar struggles to trust God completely. In this story of hardship and hope, you'll discover along with Israel that God--and God alone--is worthy of our trust.

True Woman Blog: Loving Toads
The Lord’s been teaching me a lot about dealing with “toads” (difficult people) from the life of Moses--a man who was surrounded by them!

True Woman Blog: Confidently Humble
I used to think humility looked something like this: deflecting compliments, staying away from high-profile positions, even talking down on oneself occasionally. But then Moses changed my mind.

Revive Our Hearts: Lessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 5): Celebrating Victory
As Nancy explores the song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32, she teaches the importance of entrusting our lives to the care of the only reliable Rock. Our time of greatest loss may be the moment we hear God’s voice and see His face in a greater way then we’ve ever experienced before. Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: Lessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 4): Following God's Lead to Lead
Nancy explores the hand-off of leadership from Moses to this man who wholly followed God even though most around him did not. Nancy challenges us to prepare the next generation and give them a vision for being used by God. Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: Lessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 1): Learning to be Victorious
Learn from Joshua’s early years how to depend on God’s supernatural power, because He is trustworthy, and because nothing is too difficult for Him! Christian Li...

Excuses in the Bible - a Christian perspective
When God first called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses balked and made excuses to get out of the job. God accomodated Moses' fears, but it's clear He was displeased with Moses' excuses.

Tabernacle in the Bible: Exodus 25:1-40
Once God had led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, He instructed Moses to construct a tabernacle--a temple that could be transported along with the Israelites in the course of their journeys. This passage details God's specifications for the tabernacle and its contents.

Blood covenant - a Christian perspective
After the people agreed to the covenant with God that Moses set before them. Moses set up an altar and 12 pillars and had men sacrifice bulls. They took half the blood and put it in bowls and the other half they sprinkled on the altar.

Burning bush - a Christian perspective
When God first called Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt, he appeared as a burning bush that, despite being aflame, did not burn up.