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Hesitating on the Tightrope - #6335
Maybe you can't see the ram that God has ready. But God will provide. What you need to finish your faith walk will be there when you need it. You have His word on it. So keep walking, and don't even think about falling.


How Much Money Should You Give to the Church?
Unsurprisingly, there are a range of opinions on how Christians should handle giving. Some think we should give as we feel led, others think it’s a strict pretax 10%, others think that 10% is just a starting point. What do you think?


Freewill in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The psalmist writes in Psalm 54 that he will sacrifice a freewill offering to God. He is sacrificing to God even though he doesn't need to simply because it is good.


Tithing in the Bible: Nehemiah 10:38
The practice of tithing--giving ten percent of your income back to God--was instituted in the Old Testament. It continues to be practiced in most Christian churches today.


Tithes in the Bible: Numbers 18:26-32
Tithing--giving ten percent of one's income to charity and the church--is a long-standing practice that is originally laid out here in the Old Testament. Most Christians today still practice tithing as a way of supporting the church financially and reminding themselves that our money and resources are gifts from God.


The Teething of Tithing - Into Thy Word Ministries
Stewardship Part 3. Learning What It Means to Give “Cheerfully.” How do you feel when churches, ministries, or even missionaries seek you, asking for funds? Does it give you a toothache?


Biblical Stewardship - Into Thy Word Ministries
Stewardship Part II. Are you giving what’s right, or what’s left? Last time, we looked at what God calls us to concerning Stewardship. We learned that everything belongs to Him, and that we are the caretakers of His property. As Christians...


Understanding Stewardship - Into Thy Word Ministries
What does stewardship mean to you? There are two words that send the average congregation and common churchgoer into fear and panic, from the leadership and pastorate, that fears to offend or drive people away, convicted, lest...


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Fun Giving - #5582
How can giving be fun as God intended it to be? First, give it to Jesus, not to a ministry, not to a church, not to an organization. On that day the disciples were challenged by Jesus to find a way to feed those five thousand people, they got a little boy to give his lunch which Jesus multiplied miraculously. I think the only reason the boy gave up his lunch was because it was for Jesus. He actually handed it to one of Jesus' helpers, but he knew it was going to Jesus. That's how we ought to give any offering.


Bible Concordance :: Offering
Something given to God to worship him. In the Old Testament, God's people offered food and animals to God.