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Is Christ the center of your family life? Winning at Home offers radio programs, online articles, conferences, and books to families of all shapes and sizes.

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It's Father's Day—a special day set aside for showing some appreciation for good ol' dad....

Winning the battle but losing the war with your kids?
Do you feel like your relationship with your kids is defined by continual conflict and clashes of...

How do you teach a child to pray?
If you're a parent, how do you pray with your young children? The last few months have been an...

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How a Father Builds A Son - #6203
You build a son by building up your son, by often helping him see the awesome thing God did when He created that boy. Even God the Father launched His Son into life with His public approval. How can you do any less for the son He's given you?

True Woman Blog: Does God have a plan for your family?
What might happen if we really got honest about what we believe about children and held our current life choices up to the scrutiny of God’s plan?

True Woman Blog: Who are these kids and why are they calling me "MOM"?
Do you ever have a day when it seems that someone yells “mom” every five minutes?

True Woman Blog: Growing your heart by giving it away
We spend years trusting God for the ability to accomplish feeding, grooming, clothing, talking, bandaging, correcting, praying, instructing, laughing, crying, playing, applauding, hugging, loving . . . and then we trust God for the ability to let go.

True Woman Blog: Pray with your eyes open
I want to share one of the prayers that I prayed from time to time when I sensed that something was amiss in my child’s life.

True Woman Blog: Help! Mommydom leaves me no time for God
Seven practical tips on creating space to hear from the Lord during the hectic years as a mom . . .

True Woman Blog: We read the Bible . . . you can too!
"Suddenly an idea hit. I had two goals: I wanted to read the Bible, and I wanted my children to know God’s Word. Why not do both at the same time? Why not read the entire Bible together?"

True Woman Blog: Kari's epiphany
We met Kari at the True Woman ’08 Conference where she realized she’d been resenting her precious children. Learn more about her epiphany in this short video clip.

True Woman Blog: What if I can't have children?
As we talk about children this month, I want to reach out to those of you who haven't been able to have any. Infertility can be a lonely place—I know. I've walked that road, too.

True Woman Blog: Managing Multi-Media
Managing the influence of multi-media in your child’s life is one of the biggest parenting challenges of our day. Here are just a few suggestions . . .