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Is Christ the center of your family life? Winning at Home offers radio programs, online articles, conferences, and books to families of all shapes and sizes.

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Winning the battle but losing the war with your kids?
Do you feel like your relationship with your kids is defined by continual conflict and clashes of...

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31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children
A month-long guide to help you know what to pray for your children.

23 Great Questions to Ask Your Kids
Do you want to get into the heart of your child? Use these questions as springboards for meaningful discussions (Excerpted from "Being A Great Mom, Raising Great Kids" by Sharon Jaynes).

15 Ways to Make Prayer a Part of Your Everyday Family Life
You can really do it! Get started with these practical ideas to pray with your family.

12 Ways to Pray for Your Child's Future Mate
Intercede for your son or daughter's future mate (and marriage) with these prayers.

Revive Our Hearts: Handling Pressure in Your Family
What happens when your husband is so busy doing good things that stress begins to show on the family? How do you respond to a child who doesn’t share your faith? Nancy moderates a panel discussion with wives handling these kinds of situations.

Revive Our Hearts: Practical Insights for Today
Singleness. Teenagers. Stay-at-home dads. Nancy applies Scripture and provides insight to these topics and others the Revive Our Hearts' audience is asking. Christian Li...

Revive Our Hearts: Metamorphosis of a Mom with Janet Lynn Salomon
Janet Lynn, former champion figure skater, faced a struggle and decided to leave a successful ice skating career to devote herself to her husband and children.

Revive Our Hearts: Talking to Your Children About God: An Interview with Bruce Ware
Bruce and Jodi discuss the importance of teaching children not just Bible stories but also the doctrines of the Christian faith. As they’ve learned from their own experience, children have a greater capacity and interest than we as adults give them credit for--all that’s needed is for us to stimulate that curiosity.

Revive Our Hearts: Reading Great Books: A Conversation with Mark Hamby
Nancy talks with Mark Hamby, president of Lamplighter Publishing, about the value of reading good literature. Hear how Christian biographies influenced Nancy as a young girl, and learn how to replace TV-watching with reading.

Revive Our Hearts: Turning the Tide: A Call to Intentional Mothering with Holly Elliff
Holly Elliff is a long-time friend of Nancy’s, a pastor’s wife, and a mother of eight. Last fall she spoke at one of the breakout sessions of our True Woman Conference. Hear her vision on the privilege of investing in the next generation. Womanhood