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Catching Up With a Great Vocabulary - #6643
I'm afraid sometimes we become a believer; we learn the words and then we settle back and hide behind answers we really don't understand and we certainly don't know how to live. Even leaders; we just get more sophisticated in our rhetoric, but oftentimes the reality just doesn't match. It's as if, "Well, we're okay if we know the words, right?


How the "free" model of internet service really works
"If you’re not paying for it, you're not a customer. You're the product being sold." So says the Consumerist Blog, in relation to Facebook, Google, or any other "free" online service.


True Woman: Prettying Up Our Sin
We hate, yet we choose to call it dislike. We are rude, yet we call it having a bad day. We lie, yet we call it stretching the truth. We are brazen and full of pride, yet we call it assertiveness.


Augmented reality, mobile phones, and Christian truth: seeing the unseen
Yet another mobile phone facility on the way: ‘augmented reality’. It overlays additional information on what you can see around you, in the same way as a pilot’s ‘head-up’ screen. Will it turn into a useful feature?


The Mirror Difference - #5742
There is nothing more vital to your following Christ than getting personal direction from Him each day through His words. You may be reading the Bible, but are you letting the Bible read you? Before you read, ask God, the Author of what you're about to read, to take His words and help you apply them to something specific that you're going to face this very day.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Unforgettable You - #5650
The Son of God knew you had forgotten Him. We all have. We've lived most of our life with our back turned to our Creator, doing what we wanted instead of what He wanted. And He knew that, unless He intervened, you would be separated from Him for all eternity. That's the built-in penalty for our sin. But Jesus loves you so much that He left heaven to go to a cross where He took your hell.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Reality At Universal - #8068
Reality is that there are people who look like they’re all together on the outside, but behind their facade it just feels empty; might be a feeling you know. Now if it’s a life that matters you want, it’s worth asking the question: After all I’ve experienced, how come I’m so empty?


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Your Own American Idol - #8003
Well, here’s the reality. Your worth depends on one person. It is the person who gave you your worth in the first place, and we know who that is according to Ephesians 2:10 in the Bible.