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True Woman Blog: True Woman Videos: Marriage, An Exhilarating Picture of the Gospel
Pastor Ligon Duncan says when we learn to revel in the counter-cultural truths of Scripture of how men and women are to relate to each other, we suddenly find that far from being stifling, they’re liberating!

True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 6: On the Prowl
The Girl-Gone-Wild is adept at the hunt. She sets up traps, and then lies in wait--focused and highly alert for prey. She’s fixated on getting what she wants. But her nets ensnare far more than her intended target.

True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 13: Clingy Girlfriend Syndrome
Some women are so needy for attention and affirmation that they cling to men like plastic wrap to a piece of raw meat. But women who try to quench their neediness through relationships with men are usually left feeling parched and dry.

True Woman Blog: Loving Toads
The Lord’s been teaching me a lot about dealing with “toads” (difficult people) from the life of Moses--a man who was surrounded by them!

True Woman Blog: Let me pray for you . . .
I had been a Christian for over 20 years, but this was the first time someone had offered to pray for me, and then did so--immediately--out loud and in my hearing, and over the phone! I thought to myself, how bold, how strange, and how wonderful to hear someone praying for me.

True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 18: The Company You Keep
The Bible says that bad company ruins good morals. Do you and your friends influence each other negatively or positively?

True Woman Blog: Seven Days with Seven Friends
Whenever I spend time with these women, I always leave with a greater appreciation for all they’ve taught me.

The Men Speak Out
Men respond to the question: How can women affirm and encourage them to express godly masculinity in the home and church?

The One Another's in Scripture
How does God expect us to treat each other? (Taken from Nancy's radio series "Who Needs the Church?")

Establishing Moral Boundaries
Become an encourager and a blessing to the men in your life—building them up in their faith, rather than defrauding them.