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What was Old Testament music really like?
When the Bible speaks of King David singing with his harp, or of Temple worship, what did it sound like. Probably not so different to today's synagogue cantors, minus the modern instruments and amplifiers. Listen to them here.


Hallelujah Chorus flashmob at department story lifts people to new level.
What happened when a flashmob – actually the Opera Company of Philadelphia – burst into song at Macy’s department store?


Sing a new song - a Christian perspective
Believers are encouraged to praise God not just with words, but with songs and music. Music was often used in conjunction with praise in the Old Testament Israelite community.


"Sing" in the Bible: Psalm 150:1-6
Music and singing have long been associated with praising God. Today, worship services around the world incorporate music and singing. As this verse shows, exuberant musical praise was encouraged and practiced even back in the days of ancient Israel.