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When Your Life Is Drifting - #6034
"Drifting" may be a word that describes a little of how you feel about your life right now. You can be successful but not satisfied. You can be winning but still wondering what your life is all about.


How Nice People Miss Heaven - #6031
Jesus died to cancel from God's records every sin of every day of your life; erased by the blood He shed for those sins.


The Proof You Are Loved - #6026
I can't think of a greater tragedy, a greater mistake for you to make, than for you to miss what Jesus gave His life for you to have - for you to end up paying the eternal price that Jesus already paid for you. How does that happen? If you don't reach out and take by faith what He died to give you.


Missing Those You Love - #6020
There are very few sadnesses deeper in life than standing by the casket of someone you could have told about Christ - you should have told about Christ - but you didn't. We can't have any of those opportunities back, but we do have the friends and neighbors and coworkers and loved ones who are still with us. And we still have time to tell them, but no one knows how much time.


When the Passion Becomes Personal - #6012
Barabbas found himself looking up into the eyes of that man on the middle cross and saying aloud, "You don't deserve to be there, Jesus. I do. But because You're dying there, I don't have to die." I could walk up to the cross where Jesus died and say that, and so could you.


Fighting the Cold - #6004
I believe Jesus is summoning many of us to join Him in an all-out effort to rescue as many dying people as possible in the time we've got left. He's asking you to throw yourself totally; I mean your influence, your money, your home, your talents, and your time into the greatest cause in the universe. It is the cause for which Jesus gave His very life.


Which List Is Your Name On? - #6001
One thing is very clear. Which list your name is on depends totally on your personal response to Jesus Christ. That's because He's the One that God sent to rescue us from the death penalty of all the things we've done wrong. Nobody else died in our place, so nobody else can save us. We tend to divide people up by what class they're in, what race they are, what religion they're from. But God only sees two kinds of people: saved and lost.


In a Position to Save a Life - #5993
Years ago, God spoke to Moses about His enslaved people and He said, "I have come down to rescue them...I am sending you" (Exodus 3:8, 10). He's saying that to you about the lost people within your reach. It's no accident you are where you are, who you are, doing what you do. God has put you in a position to help save some lives and help some people be in heaven with you. It's the most important thing you have to do; the most important difference you can possibly make with the rest of your life.


The Charlie Brown Christmas Miracle - #5990
Ultimately, what's broken us is the sinning that's been done against us and the sinning that we've done against others - and, most of all, against God. That's why we need a Savior, a Rescuer. We've hijacked our life from our Creator. We've lived it the way we wanted to instead of the way He wants us to.


When You Realize You're Lost - #5981
It's never going to be easier to start back home to Jesus than it is today. Every day you wait, the ropes that are holding you get tighter and tighter. Every day you wait, your heart's getting harder.