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Sleeping Through Your Wakeup Call - #5816
I don't know how many more times He's going to call. I don't know - you don't know - when your time is going to be over. Bottom line: this is heaven or hell we're talking about. Today, right now - Jesus is calling one more time. Don't sleep through His call again. There's so very much to lose.


The Power of the Name - #5778
Jesus: the name that opens heaven's resources to meet your every need, that makes heaven possible for you, that subdues every other being in the universe. How can we live ordinary, powerless lives? How can we surrender to hell and be ashamed to speak His name? And it may be that you have never called on that name of Jesus and asked Him to be your personal Rescuer from your personal sin. This could be your day to do that.


Fighting the Cold - #5749
Are you pursuing your kingdom or Jesus' Kingdom? Living in a sin-saturated world, it's easy to grow numb, especially numb to the lostness, the dyingness of the people around us. To care only about that which affects your personal world and not much about the world for whom Jesus gave His life.


An Island of Light In a Sea of Darkness - #5724
Are you known as the one to go to, to find unconditional love, to find total truthfulness, kindness in a harsh world? Do they find gentleness when they come to you? Do they find peace in stressful times? Have they heard you pray for them in their moment of need? Do they know you are the place in their world where Jesus can be found?


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - The Year That Everything Changed - #5698
God wants you to enter His Throne Room as Isaiah did - by prayer. He wants you to see His majesty; to realize that, by praying, you are entering the Throne Room from which 100 billion galaxies are governed and bringing your life and your needs to the One who rules it all. When everything's changing, you need to dwell on the awesomeness of your God.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Black Friday-Day of Opportunity - #8152
Believe it or not, there may be a picture here of a life that matters. Not trampling people to get bargains, but scooping up opportunities.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Looking Good, Going Nowhere
Are you looking good, but you’re going nowhere? Lots of people are wrong about the one thing you can't afford to be wrong about—God, and how to get to Him. If you're wrong about God, it is eternally fatal.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When Your Life is Drifting
"Drifting" may be a word that describes a little of how you feel about your life right now. You can be successful, but not satisfied. You can be winning, but still wondering what your life is all about. This drifting feeling affects all kinds of people: young, old, single, married, those who have it all, and those who have very little. It's a sense that life doesn't have any direction and it causes a feeling of emptiness.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Five Principles of Making Moral Decisions
It's important to know what the Bible says and the issues that it clearly settles. Today, there are so many choices you have to make that aren't covered by any list of rules. The Bible leaves us principles that cover every choice we make. They can be summarized into five principles that can equip you to make moral choices for the rest of your life. Sign up today for the 7-part email series


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Clear Direction in a Thick Fog - #5669
God has made promises that you have to hang onto now, even when because of the fog you can't see them working. So claim the promises He gave you when it was light, refuse the compromises and the shortcuts that seem so tempting right now. Don't trust your roller coaster emotions which have lied to you and led you into mistakes so many times before.