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The God Who Knows Your Name - #5890
When it dawns on you that the biggest person there is in the entire universe actually knows your name and loves you, not as one of six billion inhabitants of Planet Earth, but as if you were the only one on this planet!


Last Call - #5886
You can't postpone God's call. And you can't be ready for it any other way than to be sure you belong to Jesus - the only One who can remove the sin that will keep you out of heaven. You say, "But I'm a good person." I'm not good enough, not for a perfect God. That's why Jesus came, that's why He died, that's why He rose again.


The Most Agonizing Race of All - #5876
The greatest tragedy of all would be if somehow you missed all He died for and you ended up in the hell that He died to save you from. But you have to take for yourself what He died to give you. You abandon all your faith in your religion, or your goodness, or anything else and you give yourself totally in total faith to Jesus Christ. The stakes of this choice are so high, they are so eternal, that it does not make sense to risk one more day without Jesus.


Today's Battles, Yesterday's Weapons - #5874
If we insist on fighting today's battle for the lost with what worked yesterday, we'll keep on reaching who we've already been reaching, while most of the spiritually dying people around us live and die without God and without hope. We can't lose them because we insist on doing what we've always done, sticking to what we're comfortable with. The eternity of people all around us is at stake; this is a battle that is too costly to lose.


Trading Empty for Full - #5872
You were created by Jesus, you were created for Jesus, and you're going to have a hole in your heart until you have Jesus. Tragically, we have chosen to live "for me" instead of "for Him." And this hijacking of our life from our Creator, this sin, has put us in a futile orbit away from Him. But that's why Jesus came. That's why Jesus died - to pay the price for our rebellion so we could finally belong to the One we were made for.


An Open Door for Locked-Out People - #5869
The only One who can bring you into a right relationship with God and take you to heaven with Him. If you're ready to experience this incredible love for yourself, you want to begin your relationship with this One who sees you, loves you, and wants you to belong to Him.


Life-Saving Kits with Nothing Inside - #5863
Don't depend on something that promises life but can't possibly give it to you. Depend on the One who loves you so much that He died so you don't have to.


Finding Your Father - #5854
So many people who have lived emotionally unanchored and painful lives have found something amazing when they found Jesus Christ: they found the Father that their heart had yearned for so long. There is so much hope for hurting people in our word for today from the Word of God in Psalm 10:14. It says, "But you, O God, do see trouble and grief; You consider it to take it in hand. The victim commits himself to You; You are the helper of the fatherless."


The Thrill of Feeding Yourself - #5824
It's really exciting to experience God taking something that's in His heart and planting it in your heart with no one in between. Don't abandon those great opportunities to hear from Him through others, like your pastor, for example. It's great to have a special meal, prepared by someone who really knows how to cook spiritually. But there's no substitute for you opening your Lord's love letter each new day and finding your own personal message from Him.


Setting the Temperature - #5820
You put Joseph in a great situation and he's the trusted person, the one who says yes to responsibility. Put him in a terrible situation, he is the same man; making things better, changing his environment, setting a positive climate. That is a thermostat. And, that's what the people around you need you to be. Grownup people, godly people, make a difference people respond to situations, not from the environment around them or the feelings that they're feeling, but from the character inside them - the Lord who's inside them!