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True Woman Blog: Travel with us to the Dominican Republic!
Today, five of us are going international to bring you the stories of some amazing women from the Dominican Republic. Thanks to the worldwide web, you’ll be able to travel with us for the next several days!


True Woman Blog: The Predictable Unpredictable-ness of a Video Shoot
We were just a few minutes into the interview when it became apparent that we would not be able to continue. Between the neighbors’ outdoor birthday party (think lots of 6- and 7-year-old girls blowing birthday horns) and their Chihuahua’s persistent yapping (who knew such a little dog could make such a racket!), we knew we would not win the war against the noise.


True Woman Blog: The True Woman Movement Alive and Well in the Dominican Republic
At True Woman '08, the Lord started “tumbling down” everything Cindy believed about life, marriage, and more. In her words, “It’s where God revealed Himself to me. He’s changed my life completely.” He really has!


True Woman blog: Wrapping things up in the Dominican Republic
Wes Ward, our director of media, left for the US today saying, “I have never seen one place where so much of what we do is used so widely, by so many, so deeply, so regularly.” Everywhere we turn there are more stories of how God is transforming individuals, families—even churches—as a result of the True Woman Conferences and Revive Our Hearts resources.


True Woman Blog: Ready to do battle?
As we quickly approach the first True Woman ‘10 Conference, we are well aware that this is an endeavor of gigantic spiritual proportion, and as such we are calling on all prayer warriors to partner with us as we intercede for the details of the True Woman ‘10 Conferences.


True Woman Blog: Tugging on the Almighty
I am asking Jesus to do more than we can imagine in Chattanooga. Will you join me in tugging on the hem of the Almighty in prayer?


True Woman Blog: True Woman Teen Track: An Interview with Dannah Gresh
Curious about what the teens will be doing at True Woman's Teen Track? Dannah Gresh gives you the inside scoop.


True Woman Blog: Christ—Our Valiant Warrior!
The True Woman Conferences are designed to serve a greater purpose than just a great weekend with friends (which we hope attendees will experience), but its purpose is to inspire, equip, and prepare women to live out God's calling on their lives in the midst of a culture that presents a very unbiblical picture of womanhood.


True Woman Blog: Southern Hospitality, Billboards, and One Excited Woman
I had only been in Chattanooga for five minutes before I experienced southern hospitality at its best!


True Woman Blog: Behind-the-scenes Welcome
Boys, girls, men, and women of all ages . . . they’re all getting ready for YOU. Welcome to True Woman ’10 Chattanooga!