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Are church denominations useful?
A recent conference on the future of evangelicalism raised some interesting questions about a...

Today's Devotional: Unity and Agreement
While it's not always easy to get a group of people to agree on something, it usually can be...

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How Do I Find a Good Church?
One of the questions I am most frequently asked is “How do I find a good church?” This question has taken on added significance in recent years because of the massive impact televangelism has had on our culture. In all too may cases, worship has been replaced with entertainment, and fellowship has been transformed into individualism. […]

Super Donkey - #6653
The finger of God may be reaching down from heaven and pointing to something or someone that we're holding tightly. And He's saying, "The Lord needs it."

Not easily broken - a Christian perspective
Christians find strength and encouragement in numbers. A believer alone is vulnerable to temptation, but when supported by several fellow Christians, becomes a much more effective witness for Christ.

Unite in the Bible - a Christian perspective
When we believe in Jesus Christ and align our lives with his will, we are united with him in spirit. We allow our thoughts and actions to be guided by him.

Divisions in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Unity within the Christian church is important. God wants his followers to work in harmony and unison with each other, not to be separated by arguments and disagreements.

"Together" in the Bible: Hebrews 10:25
The Christian church is meant to be a community of believers. We are most effective when we're surrounded by fellow believers to correct and encourage us. The apostle Paul here instructs Christians not to neglect the act of meeting up periodically for worship and fellowship.

Brothers in the Bible: Psalm 133:1-3
Christian unity is important if the church is to do Christ's work on earth. This psalm praises a situation in which brothers are working together peacefully and in unity.

Work together - a Christian perspective
Just as the different parts of the human body work together, so the different parts (people) of the church are called to cooperate and work together to accomplish the goals of the church.

One - a Christian perspective
Jesus' prayer asking God to bring unity and one-ness to the body of believers.

Unity in the Bible: John 17:20-23
When Jesus himself prays for something, we ought to pay careful attention to what he's asking of God. In this case, Christ prays earnestly for the unity of believers, so that we can provide a solid and unbroken witness to the world around us.