Turmoil in Kenya affecting Christian ministries

Christian ministries working in Kenya can use your prayers this month—unrest in Kenya following disputed elections in late December have disrupted missions work and made life difficult for ministry workers. At least two Gospel.com community ministries have been affected:

  • Navigators, an evangelistic ministry operating in Kenya and over 100 other countries worldwide. When the Kenyan crisis erupted late last month, several Navigators staff were forced to go into hiding and an international leadership meeting had to be postponed until the situation settled. From an update at their website:

    Navigator staff in Kenya are facing what has been described as the country’s “gravest crisis” following disputed elections held in late December. Violence has left 600 people dead. Another 250,000 have fled their homes. Some areas have been burned, including the homes of staff friends and relatives. One staff member said he has never been more alarmed by unrest in his country.

    In the week following the December 27, 2007, elections, some Navigator staff needed to go into hiding while others sought police protection to distribute food to the needy. Some took friends and family into their homes for safety—as many as 50 people in one home. One Navigator heard gunshots and wailing near his home for several nights. Another woman heard displaced people wandering outside her house late in the night.

    Although things have calmed a bit, the situation remains tense and Navigators is requesting prayer for their team members and everyone else affected by the crisis.

  • InterVarsity, a large evangelistic ministry with a special focus on campus missions. InterVarsity has been running the Kenyan Global Project ministry for over two decades, but founds its ministry work disrupted when the crisis shut down the University of Nairobi campus. A report at Mission Network News discusses the crisis and its effects on InterVarsity’s work there.

So if you can spare a few minutes this week, remember to pray for a peaceful resolution to the situation in Kenya. These ministry workers, in addition to the countless Kenyans whose lives have been disrupted, need your prayer support.

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