Bible studies and a new blog at Village Schools of the Bible

You probably don’t need yet another blog to add to your online reading list, but here’s one worth taking a look at: Max Frazier of Village Schools of the Bible has started up a new blog called Christianity for Today. Max posts about once a week with a well-thought-out essay about topics ranging from theology (see his post on understanding the concept of the Trinity) to current events (see his insights into natural disasters and tragedy). All in all, a good addition to your feed reader.

And while we’re talking about Village Schools, they’ve got a great collection of Bible studies that you can get to from their homepage (look for Bible Studies in the lefthand menu bar). Their studies each walk through a different book of the Bible, and they’ve chosen some interesting and often overlooked Bible books to study: see their studies on Judges and Hosea, for instance, in addition to studies of better-known books like Genesis and Revelation. Summer’s a great time to pick a Bible book and explore what it has to say—give it a try!

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