Christianity and the “evolution question”: two perspectives

How should Christians approach the question of Creation and evolution? It’s a controversy that’s been going strong for many years, and the recent flurry of books by prominent atheist thinkers has once again put the spotlight on Christianity’s relationship to science. Is it possible for Christian to embrace evolution and related theories, or does our faith compel us to reject them?

There are (at least) two ministries in the community that tackle this question. Interesting (and perhaps frustratingly, if you were hoping for any easy answer to the “evolution question”) they come to different conclusions. It’s well worth reading through what both have to say as you ponder the question:

These two ministries have different answers to the question of evolution and Christianity, but they’re both fighting to show that Christianity is not incompatible with serious science. And whatever side of the issue you identify with, it’s never a bad thing to read through different perspectives!

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