Classic Christmas Hymns

The church I grew up did a candlelight service every Christmas Eve. Upon entry into the building we would be handed unlit candles, and I would spend the rest of the service waiting for the moment when we’d start lighting things on fire during church.

After an interminable time, we’d start singing Christmas songs in the dimmed lights while two people would walk from the back with candles to start lighting our candles. I remember staring transfixed as the flames multiplied and cast strange shadows on the faces in the sanctuary.

It was in this setting that we would sing songs like “Silent Night” and soak in the peaceful feeling of Christmas eve. Despite the familiarity of the tunes and the words, Christmas music is still wonderful and worshipful.

If you’re looking for the music, history or for some of those classics (Silent Night included) check out the Songs and Hymns website.

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