Biblical Eschatology Blog

The folks over at IntoThyWord quietly launched the Biblical Eschatology blog a few weeks ago. If you’re interested Biblical exegesis or eschatology, this might up right up your alley.

From their About page:

This is not a simple Bible study; it is a vast undertaking, of which I do not believe has ever been done. What we sought to do is give you a more thoroughly engaged and proper viewing into the art and science of eschatology, evaluating end time’s scenarios and biblical thinking into the book of Revelation. At the same time, layout all of the main views for you side by side!

And from their first post:

The main point of Biblical, Exegetical Eschatology is to tell us not to be discouraged, but remain faithful and vigilant. We are to live our lives as if Christ were coming tomorrow, or preparing and planning as if He were coming a thousand years from now. We are not to be preoccupied with the details and trivialities. That is why Jesus did not give them to us. Rather, our faith development and steadfastness are far more impacting and real for ourselves and others around us!

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