Just a Few More Days

Christmas is coming soon! From all of us on the Gospel.com team: Have a wonderful and safe Christmas! Enjoy this celebration of the Christ Child!

And if you’re looking for any last minute gifts, consider some of these suggestions from Dan Seaborn of Winning at Home:

Better than a radio

Give real communication. Turn off that new TV and have a real conversation with the people you love. Speak from the heart and listen with patience. Call the family member who you’ve been avoiding, visit the friend you haven?t had time for.

Warmer than a sweater

Give physical touch. Hug somebody you love. Put an arm around your son or daughter’s shoulder and leave it there for a while. Hold hands with your spouse. Give Grandma a kiss on the cheek. Pat a friend on the back.

Goes farther than a slinky

Give flexibility. Surrender your control of the schedule this year. Let somebody else make that important decision, and submit to their decision without saying something negative first. Plan some breaks in your daily routine, just so you can be spontaneous with friends and family.

Cooler that an Etch-A-Sketch

Give forgiveness. Erase some of the marks that have been made on your life this year. Turn your life over and shake it, and get rid of some of the bad impressions you’ve been holding on to. Be gracious to people who have hurt you; give them a chance to try again.

Nicer than a watch

Give time. Cut out some of the worthless things that clog your schedule and keep you from spending time with loved ones. Take your kids on a Saturday camping trip in the backyard. Take your spouse out to dinner. Invite some friends over to watch a movie. Say ‘No’ to some commitments this year, keep some Saturdays free, and fill your hours with things that matter and people you care about.

Make this a year you’ll never forget make sure some of the things you give don’t have a price tag.

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