Faith Comes By Hearing

Mission Network News reports that Faith Comes By Hearing recently released eight new New Testament audio translations. Faith Comes by Hearing is a global missions organization that offers “the Bible in a format that will connect with the world’s 50% illiterate population.” The organization is partnered with Wycliffe, the American Bible Society and World Vision among others and currently has 400 versions in 336 languages.

Here’s the story from Mission Network News:

The new recordings are in Dan of Cote d’Ivoire; Garhwali, India; Kimochi, Tanzania; Koma, Ghana; Ndau, Mozambique; Quechua, North Bolivia; Mooré, Burkina Faso; and the New American Bible in the United States.

Together, these recorded languages represent more than 222 million people on five continents.

Of these eight language groups represented, FCBH notes that the Koma language is the smallest with only 3,800 people. Experts report that there is absolute illiteracy among this group in Ghana, meaning not one Koma person has the ability to read.

About 70-percent of the world’s population is part of an oral culture and live in poverty. That means access to God’s Word can be out of their reach.

Listen to samples from their audio Bibles using this widget. It’s very cool to hear God’s Word in another language:

Faith Comes By

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