You too can do an inductive Bible study!

A few weeks ago, I pointed out an article on the Koinonia blog about common Bible study mistakes and the usefulness of inductive Bible study. But what exactly is inductive Bible study? How’s it different from “normal” Bible study, and is it something you need a seminary degree to undertake?

It turns out that inductive Bible study is actually a very simple concept, something that anyone can do while reading through the Bible. It’s a very personalized way of reading through the Bible, and lets you walk thoughtfully through the Bible at your own pace. The good folks at Intervarsity have a short step-by-step guide to inductive Bible study that has helped me grasp the concept.

If your Bible reading feels directionless or lacking, I encourage you to try out the inductive study method on a few chapters. It’ll get you interacting with the Bible text in a way that you may never have done before. If you do try it out (or if you’ve been doing inductive Bible study for a while now), stop by the comment section below and share your experience!

3 Responses to “You too can do an inductive Bible study!”

  • Chris says:

    Nice steps. I have been using inductive bible study method for as long as I know. In fact, I don’t know any other method, it comes naturally to me.

  • Student says:

    Yes!! I am an InterVarsity student at USF in Tampa, and when I saw the word “inductive” my ears perked up, lol! I think it’s a wonderful method for Bible study. It encourages discussion and participation. It also gives Christians (especially new believers) confidence in the value of reading and contemplating God’s word for themselves, rather than passively receiving someone else’s perceptions and teachings 100% of the time.

  • It is a must to study the Bilbe if you want to know what God says about many things like money, Honour & other things