Has Social Networking Had a Positive Impact on Your Faith?

The day one of my parents’ peers requested to be my friend on facebook I knew that social networking was here to stay. There’s something about connecting with each other that just makes sense, even for people who five years ago would barely take a second glance at a computer.

For those that do participate in social networks, I’d like to ask you: has social networking had a positive impact on your faith?

What do you think?

7 Responses to “Has Social Networking Had a Positive Impact on Your Faith?”

  • Jess says:

    I would say yes. This has made an easier way to share needs, provide encouragement through software such as facebook. In my blog, I try to share lessons that God has shared with me.

  • rodney says:

    like say yes lot god peoples can get on facebook talk about god and testimonys very positive.

  • Dan says:

    Not really. While I enjoy FB-ing with my “friends,” I don’t see where it has had a positive impact on my faith. A number of folks from my church are on FB, but most of their messages are more “social” than “spiritual.” I also have as “friends” some high school classmates, some family members and some various friends, old and new.
    While every so often, someone will praise God for something good that has happened in their lives, I’ve found little that helps increase my faith. That is not to say that FB has had a negative impact on my life.
    I would say the most positive thing I’ve experienced in the area of faith on FB is finding out that old friends who I thought would never have become Christians, have. Praise the Lord!

  • Jill Thompson says:

    I think social networking sites are fantastic! Not only does it reconnect you with people that you may have lost touch with, but it enables you to share your faith to a bunch of people at one time. I often leave verses as my “status” for the day….knowing that God’s word never returns void. I love it!!!

  • Chris Wood says:

    Like most tools, it has had both a positive and a negative impact on my faith. Negatively, it has increased the amount of noise in my life, and it is always a struggle to filter it and to limit my time on it. Positively, it has enabled me to be more involved in the lives of more people, to be better connected to a wider group of friends. Negatively, it reduces the time I have available for much more important, deep relationships and communication. Positively, it is an easy way to talk about my faith. Negatively, it is easier to be fake / less honest in sharing myself on facebook than in person. Positively, I got my current job through facebook!

    I could go on :p

  • Mona Anderson says:

    i can say yes because i have connected with people who i havent seen or heard from in as much as 20 yrs and i am able to pray with and for people who i dont even know God is Good.

  • Jessica Denise says:

    Twitter more than FB. FB, I see as an opportunity to connect with people I know or have met and to stay in contact with them. Twitter, I see as a way to pass information quickly…and it does just that. So, yes!