When Do You Pray?

Whether it’s in the morning, during lunch or in the evening, most people try to block out some time every day for prayer.

What about you, when do you pray?

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20 Responses to “When Do You Pray?”

  • Nick says:

    God has been teaching me continuously to talk to him everyday… so whenever my mind is on him I pray, even if its to say thank you sometimes my mind wont work if there is no peace, and Spending even a moment with his name in my thoughts refreshes and empowers me greatly

  • Maria Lovella says:

    when do I talk to God?
    In the morning when I wake up, anytime of the day; at night,before I go to sleep…..and sometimes,when I suddenly wake up during sleeping hours….

  • Marlene says:

    I pray all the time for it is written that man should always pray and not faint/get discouraged or loose hope/faith.

  • Colleen Accardi says:

    I begin my day with prayer. I usually need a some coffee to get started, walk my dog and then in my quiet place, I attempt to be still. I usually start by thanking God for my many blessings. I then pray for people in my life who have special needs or are suffering from adversity. I just have a one to one conversation with God. I wil then read some inspirationl books, devotions for the day. This practice starts my day off on the right path, even though it may not end that way. I am very blessed and God needs to know I am grateful.

  • Colleen Accardi says:

    I pray early in the morning, or anytime I think of my blessed life. Love to have conversation with God.

  • Humphrey says:

    I try to rise early in the morning to have a formal time of praise and prayer – however, I am not averse to praying at other times of the day if I read some news story or remember something that is happening in the life of the church.

  • Sandra says:

    when I wake up in the morning and also when im not at my best.

  • Thomas says:

    I usually pray in morning before work or in evening after.

  • Scott Christ says:

    I like the words of my good friend Marc Samaha

    He told me “you can never pray enough”

    I would like it if everyone took this to heart

  • william lugo says:

    I like to dedicate time for prayer in the morning to get my mind in gear for the day and to make myself available to the Lord, but not always happens that way. Is not a matter of discipline but of confidence in God. God is not going to give me a bad day because I didn’t pray first thing in the morning. I have made my life a life of prayer and try to stay consistent in prayer as I go through the day. Some times I get sidetracked and involve in matters and miss to pray about something going on. Those are the times that I find myself working it out on my own strength but soon after I realize it I ask God to forgive me and seek His grace. I pray with confidence that God loves me and that He gets involve with me in everything in my life even when I fail to ask Him for I know that I am His and He is mine, I am confident of His word to keep me and help me. And He has.

  • yeboah sampson says:

    I pray any time and any where.

  • yeboah sampson says:

    When I am happy I pray and when I am sad I pray.

  • Donna says:

    I pray when I wake I give thanks for HIS watch-ful eye thru the night! I give HIM praise for waking up in my right mind, I give thanks for the use of my hands legs, arms, feet, sight, hearing all the things I took for granted! The LORD doesn’t owm me these things but because of HIS GRACE HE blesses me with them. It took a life time for me to realize these facts. So take it from me we are the children of a jealous GOD; HE will not stand for second best just as easy as HE gave it to you HE can take it away! Give HIM praise daily before your coffee, before you eat, before you bathe, before anything. Just trust me if you are not doing this HE will remove all things so that you do lean on HIM for your every need!

  • Pat says:

    I pray in the mornings either soon as my eyes open or I hit the floor on my knees. Not limited to that time, whenever I feel the need throughout the day….”pray without ceasing”, “men ought always to pray”, “watch and pray”, etc. Its not a forced thing, its an instinctive thing now.

  • I pray everyday & every time.Most of the time my thoughts are about my Loving God Jesus.In the morning when I get up ,I pray.First I thank God The Father for giving His only begotten Son Jesus,Who died for me,shed His precious Blood.From my whole heart I thank for shed Blood on the cross of Calvery,Blood of Jesus which cleansed my all sins.Second I ask grace to denay myself pick up the cross & follow my Lord.Third I pray that whole armour of God be upon me,1)belt of truth 2)breastplate of righteousness [putting on Jesus]3)gospel shoes,that is the power of God for believers,4)shield of faith,5)helmet of salvation [to keep my each thought clean ],6)sword of The Spirit that is His Word[Bible],7)With prayer &supplication I might bring all my needs to Him & I may be able to pray in The Spirit.All other needs I keep before The Lord.Then I read Bible &do pray according it.Whole day I enjoy my God’s presence.

    • BL Tween says:

      Because praying is talking to God, ALL THE TIME.

      I once had an incident to happen it wasn’t life threatening but it was not good. I cried out to God and asked Him Why? I heard Him! He said, “Because you did not ask me.” “Ask you? I didn’t know I was supposed to” Then I heard Him again, “I don’t go where I am not invited.” From then on I ask Him. I ask Him continuously! I even ask Him for a parking place when I go places. I believe that God is SOOOO BIG that even our BIGGEST problems are small to Him. I talk to Him all the time, so I pray all the time.

      I had been told that I wasn’t good enough to talk to God, and I wouldn’t talk to Him, because I knew the kind of person I was. I only went to Him if is was such a GI-NORMOUS problem that I could not possibly handle. And you know what? Looking back I see that He did help me in those times, after all I am still here! He didn’t answer me like I wanted Him to. But God was there! But God does love me despite other things. I Tell you that there is nothing you can do to stop God from loving you. Like I said I had been lied to, over and over for years I had heard that lie. I think many others are being told that same lie. He is real! It is like He is both a mother and a father. After all He made us in His image, as we are both male and female. I believe He has both those qualities. It is unfortunate that we humans wanted and got our independence and then when we do what we want we get mad at God?!?!? I know He is REAL! He is a real God in a Real world and He really helps us! He is a gentleman and will not force any of us to do anything. I do not believe God is sending anyone to Hades. We are all going to there, but, we don’t have too. God is asking us to come to Him. He will not force His will on us. He will not MAKE US do anything. However He will let us do what we want no matter what. No matter if we want to go to Hades. He will let us. If He can love me, If He can change me, then He can and does love you! I encourage everyone to take the God is Real Experiment and find out for themselves that God is Real! Here is the experiment.
      Every night before you go to bed, thank Him for something. Just one thing. Always be honest with Him because He already knows everything.
      Tell Him that your not sure you believe He is real but if He is you want to thank Him for . . . your bed, your food, your computer, say something, something different each night. Just one thing every night, then watch and see Him working. You will see Him if you watch. It may take up to 21 days. It took the angel in Daniel 21 days to reach him because Satan the devil had placed so many things in the way, but he got there! Thank God He always gets there! Did you know that not all your thoughts are your own?

  • Ms. Mercy says:

    I confess that I don’t always pray in the morning, because I’m simply not a morning person. I usually don’t do any formal night prayers either, because I’m too tired. However, I find myself talking to God throuout my days. Whether it be in the shower, thanking Him for access to running water, or as I watch the morning news, which is usually filled with disheartening information…At other times it’s at my desk at work, when He suddenly lays someone on my heart…
    I recognize that I need God every second, every minute, every hour, so I pray. I’ve come to learn that praying is not an art. It’s not a religious formality. Prayer for me is as Pat stated-instinctive. As a newborn cries for milk, I cry out to God – whenever, wherever, however; and He hears me everytime. He will hear you too. Just try Him, He cares and he will answer, anytime.

  • Cindy says:

    I would love to be able to get up in the morning and spend quiet time with the Lord, pray and read the Word. However, I just can’t get it together enough. My mind is foggy and I tend to go over in my head what I have to do that day. Even after I’ve had my coffee and breakfast, I still struggle to settle down. I have much more success later in the day and so that is when I spend my time with God. I know He made me and He understands that my heart is to be near Him all the time. I pray throughout the day. I keep a journal of my prayer requests (for myself and others) and I go back and note when my prayers have been answered. I learned to pray using the ACTS method (affirmation, confession, thanksgiving and supplication) and I still tend to order my prayers in this way. I try to spend time in “Listening Prayer” too. I don’t want to do all the talking, I think quiet time and prayer time is a two-way communication between me and God. I have to admit that being still and listening for God is not easy, but the Holy Spirit is my helper. I’ve gone through periods of time when I have stopped spending time in prayer and reading the Word. I can tell you from experience, if you do that, you will begin to feel far away from God, it will be hard to hear Him and your desire to be with Him will fade.

  • All Christians should pray constantly because Jesus said pray always and Paul said pray unceasingly. That about sums it up in terms of commandment. In terms of experience, everything you think is a prayer expressing how you want God to make things.

    Jesus said if you look at a woman to lust after her you have comitted adultery in your heart. That gives us a clue the reality in the spiritual part of life which sadly isn’t taught much is that our inner life is just as important as our physical life, maybe more.