The Bible on Your Video Game Console

In December you’ll be able to read the Holman Christian Standard Bible on your Xbox360. Lifeway books is preparing to launch an application of sorts called Bible Navigator X that will sell for about five US dollars.

The idea came from Aaron Linne, a Lifeway employee. In the video below, Linne talks about how he consumes almost all of his media and content through his Xbox… everything except for books.

He is “more comfortable with a controller in my hand than I am with a book in my hand.”

I’m always fascinated to see different ways in which we package the Bible to reach audiences. Whether it be through paraphrases, like The Message, or devices like Faith Comes by Hearing’s Proclaimer, Christians have gotten God’s Word into nearly every medium that people invent.

I do wonder if we’re losing something when we move from paper to electronic devices though. On one hand, it’s far easier to distribute and access the text digitally than it is physically; on the other hand, I find something spiritual in the heft and physicality of a print Bible.

What do you think about reading the Bible through your Xbox? Do you think anything is lost when we start using electronic media as the primary tool for Bible reading?

One Response to “The Bible on Your Video Game Console”

  • Caleb says:

    I don’t think anything is lost by reading the scripture through the Xbox 360. As long as the Scripture is being read and understood, I don’t think that there is a problem.