Give thanks: Thanksgiving essays from the community

With Thanksgiving (in the U.S., at least) coming up tomorrow, it seems appropriate to review some of the best Thanksgiving articles from the community. Each of these probably merits its own post, but in the interest of conciseness, here are the best ones I’ve come across this week:

  • Not feeling especially thankful this holiday? Do you lack the family and blessings for which we traditionally give thanks on Thanksgiving? Joe Stowell challenges us discover the joy of thankfulness despite our circumstances.
  • On the Revive Our Hearts program, Nancy Leigh DeMoss interviews Leslie Basham about why Thanksgiving is so important and inspiring. Don’t let Thanksgiving slip past because you’re so focused on the approaching Christmas madness! (See previous Revive Our Hearts programs on the same topic.)
  • Dick Innes encourage us to ask God to give you a thankful heart this holiday season. Elsewhere on the ACTS International site is a good essay on the power of giving thanks.
  • Take a few minutes today to check out these Thanksgiving articles, especially if you’re not feeling particularly in a “thanksgiving mood.” Giving thanks is an important and deeply rewarding element of the Christian faith, and now’s the perfect time to learn more about cultivating a thankful heart.

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