Yelling About Hell as the First Step Towards Conversion

Out of Ur has a retrospective from a pastor about street-corner preachers who use bullhorns and vitriolic signs to get the message of Christ across to sinners. The kind of preachers who sincerely believe that anyone who disagrees with their viewpoint on anything is going to hell.

You can head over to Out of Ur and read all of Angry Preachers. Here’s a good chunk of the post:

Before I’d walked even a block from the festival, I bumped into a small crowd whose attention was fixed on two men speaking loudly to the bedraggled onlookers. One held a handmade sign that read—I kid you not— “TURN OR BURN!” He spoke into a bullhorn, warning the young people of God’s coming judgment and listing in vivid detail the sins that would lead them to an eternity burning in hell. The other man held an open Bible and vigorously debated anyone who disagreed with his companion’s portrayal of God.

For the past two days, I’d watched these young people pursue beauty and friendship and community. Groups of sunburned 20somethings had made their way from one stage to the next, avoiding mud puddles and speaking with awe in their voices about their favorite musical experiences of the weekend. And now, as they left the safety of the festival grounds, they were immediately confronted with Jesus. Or at least two of Jesus’ representatives.

A few in the crowd poked fun and tried to fluster the preachers. What really caught my attention, though, what overruled my fatigue, was another response. Despite this generation’s reputation as cynical and sarcastic, many of the young wore visible sadness on their faces. Some pleaded with Bullhorn Man for a different portrayal of Jesus. A few people asked Bible Man if his God had any love for them. One young man was on the edge of tears as he tried to convince the men to lower their voices, to show kindness in their words about Jesus.

Ten minutes of this street theatre was enough and, quenching my desire to punch Bullhorn Man and Bible Man, I continued toward the train. As I often do after encountering this version of Christian witness, I angrily questioned why these men did what they did. How could they possibly think their language and posture was helpful? Is this what Jesus had in mind when he felt compassion for the harassed and helpless crowds—sheep without a shepherd—and asked his disciples to pray for more workers for the harvest? My irritation only increased as I thought about how the irreligious and marginalized of his day were attracted to Jesus. Whether or not they would have accepted his easy yoke, certainly these festival goers would have been intrigued by the alternative life Jesus proclaimed and demonstrated.

This method of spreading the Gospel doesn’t sit well with me. It’s always awkward and always uncomfortable. I find it rather telling that whenever I encounter someone like this the only people giving them serious attention are other Christians. Christians who are desperately attempting to ascertain why Christ is being portrayed like this. And, without fail, the rest of the crowd is making fun of the preachers or yelling back at them.

The thing is, most people who do this sort of street evangelism have a deep desire to see people turn from their ways and see the light. They just happen to pick a shocking way in which to preach that message.

Out of curiosity, I’d really like to know if you or anyone you know has found salvation through the efforts of an angry street preacher? And to be clear, I’m not writing about all street evangelism, just those that choose to do it with questionable signs akin to “Turn or Burn” and screaming through megaphones.

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  • Pat says:

    As shocking as the street preachers seem, think about the shocking things people do with their lives, things they want us to accept that are just wrong. I believe something gets through to someone somehow. The question that I used to ask, some still do…”will wonders never cease?”, is constantly being answered daily with a HUGH resounding NO! So I say, preach on, preach on, preach on, signs and all. Some people need to be jarred with this message. It might even prompt others to look deeper to find out why these preachers are so…well…enthusiastic.

    • Chris says:

      @Pat “It might even prompt others to look deeper to find out why these preachers are so…well…enthusiastic.”

      I guess my question is, do you personally know of anyone that has looked deeper?

      It’s one thing to assume that people might do so, but I don’t know of anyone who has. In fact, when I talk to people about Christ so often they point to people with signs and bullhorns and say that Christians are unloving and unkind.

      • When they become aware of the sin they committed, the assembly must bring a young bull as a sin offering and present it before the Tent of Meeting.

  • Robert says:

    Who is a street preacher according to scripture? I think that is the more important question. Methodology is very important but how many people actually speak to their neighbour. Where are the labourers. I challenge everyone to look into their own heart and Ask God — HOW MANY HAVE YOU ASKED ME TO WITNESS TO VERBALLY AND OR IN SERVICE AND HOW HAVE I RESPONDED TO WHAT YOU GOD HAVE ASKED.— Well as for me in one season of my life I actually purchased a taxi business so I could serve and witness to people. In a 5 year period I spoke the love of Jesus to over 5,000 differient people. Politicians, sport stars, people attending funerals, street workers, grandmothers, bikers and just plain folk like me. Some of these people I spoke healing others, salvation others repentance, others phylosophy others science others business others comfort some were fire and brimestone others with tenderness. My yardstick was I asked Holy spirit what was His heart toward the person/s and what He wanted at that time. If I make a mess of things then God as my father can clean up after me like most parents do for their children.But God my father honours me to participate in His works. So do not speak against the bullhorn man nor that bible man for they are at least in the harvest field ARE YOU?

    • Chris says:

      @Robert From what you just described, I think you were doing something entirely different. You mentioned that you talked to people and only listed the “fire and brimstone” delivery occasionally. My question to you is: Did you lead off with this? Or did you talk to the person before you began to talk about hell? My guess is the latter.

  • bro swindell says:

    Ever heard of Jesus, Paul, …. or a whole bible full of street preachers who made people uncomfortable as ….

    • Chris says:

      @Bro Swindell I’d argue that effective forms of communication have changed since the ancient era. When is the last time you were happy to listen to someone who started a conversation with you by yelling and questioning your faith?

      • Twice I have heard straw men used to argue that we should not use the preaching of the Law, Hell, Judgment and the Impending Wrath of God to show a man his sin. This is a mistake.
        I ALWAYS use the Law of God first, because, as the God shows in the Bible, the Law of God is what converts the soul. without the preahcing of the Law first, and all that this entails, you will accomplish nothing but creating false converts who are hardened against the truth.

        A point about tone: When you preach open air you MUST raise your voice, as Jesus did, in order to be heard. It’s not about being rude. Saying ,”effective forms of communication have changed since the ancient era” seems to imply you believe the way Jesus preached is wrong? I bg to differ. Times have changed but people have not. And the the way the Savior preached is good enough for me.

        Why you assume that using a bullhorn is wrong only shows you have never attempted to preach to a crowd for any length of time. The very arduousness of such a task bullhorns help with. Thankfully I am one of those rare few that can project veyr nicel without aqcoustic assistance. Not everyone can do this.
        as to their elevating themselves, acoustics is also the reason. Plus when you are above people they tend to stand back, which is helpful when you get the blessing of good hecklers.

        I do not say we should scream “You’re going to Hell!”, BUT until you use the Law, the Ten Commandments, to prepare the heart of the listeners to hear the Gospel, you are WASTING YOUR TIME with most people. Some, and I mean a very few, will have already been broken either by circumstances God has taken them throigh or by their choice, but the method Jesus demonstrated clearly shows we should use the same approach for everyone.

        Law to the Proud, Grace to the Humble.
        I have preahced to over 10,000 people his way and I tell you it is the right way.
        A point about counts: WE DO NOT COUNT success by the number of converts. You must preach the truth and then trust God knows what HE is doing.

        For details go to
        until then, to my fellow Preachers, watch the tone and check your heart. but PREACH ON!
        Seek the Lost while you still can.

        As Charles Spurgeon once said, “If you have no desire to see souls saved you are NOT saved yourself, be sure of that!”

  • i'd like says:

    to have the guts to do that!

  • John Hill says:

    Where do these people get the idea that what they do is an effective way to witness to anyone. The church today is fighting a battle of overcoming the publics idea of what being a “Christian” is all about. They read (many times corrrectly) that the church is not the loving place that Jesus taught about. We don’t express much sympathy about the sins of our neighbor we tend to condem him or her for their sins, as if we were exempt from sinning. Every conserned christian should read “UN CHRISTIAN” from the Barna Group survey conducted with the unchurched. It is an eye opener about how the world we live in realy thinks about the church and the people that represent it. We have some fence mending that we have to do at home before we have the right to shout at our neighbor.

  • mvalor says:

    I thank God that I live in a country where you can actually preach to people about the salvation we can have in Jesus on the street and not be persecuted for it. Try this in a Muslim country or in some places in India, China or Africa!
    I also thank God for people like Mr. Bullhorn and the Bibleman who send a fair and powerful warning to this sarcastic, “me-orientated microwave” society, that rather listens to the trash what Hollywood airs over the media or the through the “intellectual” lectures from College /University teachers who are atheist, in order to justify themselves for feeding their own desires without feeling the guilt.
    Mr. Bullhorn and the Bibleman are part of a very large crowd that includes George Foreman, Kirk Cameron among many others that extend all the way down to the earliest prophets in Israel, who took their personal time and effort to warn people of this world of the dangers that await those who don’t listen to the one true God. The same one who sent His son to pay for our sins with His life, so that we can enjoy everlasting life, which is the truth that Satan does not want the world to know about. And, if anyone does get irritated over this, then it only means that it did hit in a very deep and personal way.
    My advice to anyone who reads this post; is to listen to what they have to say since it is a fair warning. Make a personal evaluation of your own relation with God and pray to Him that He will show you now… do it at this very moment! Ask in prayer what you have or do that offends Him. Then ask Him for forgiveness and correct it. Especially if there is any un-forgiveness in your life.
    Do it now before its too late. Your eternity is at stake!
    Jesus is Lord.

  • James Cope says:

    As one who often seeks unorthodox ways in an unorthodox world to reach others for Christ I think it is at least important to discuss two words that many Pastors today avoid…they are sin and hell. Too many they are politically incorrect. Yes Jesus preached love, but He also in righteous anger turned over the money changers table in response to such activity in a house of worship, His house!! I do not think screaming is necessary, but effective street preaching using God’s word will usualy get the same jeers and cajoling, because people are uncomfortable with what they hear and most wil not step out and declare His name…… Perhaps a little training and guidance will help those with the bullhorns to use their zeal to still reach the lost and frankly if the ship is going down and you are going to die in a few minutes do you softly say I love you as you perish and go to hell not knowing Jesus or will you become anxious beause of caring enough to say the truth. Thoughts to ponder.

    Go and tell the world and make disciples!! Blessings

  • Did Jesus and the apostles preach about hell? Yes they did.
    Maybe we should look for the answer in the cliche; What would Jesus do?

    Rev. Dr. Thomas Lindsay, Evangelist
    Thomas Lindsay Ministries

  • the Lord is my strenght says:

    Every one could be a street preacher or any preacher could preach anywhere he wants to, his heart will have the desire when it comes it does not choose where to preach but it is very normal that sometimes you will find people not interested to listen . i think most of the people, some people may find a question that will only make you angry. A
    preacher must be very patient in everything. And of course Hell is not the first introduction to talk about Jesus. I think so, not in what i experienced. It has to be revealed first the greatness oF God then you will find you are talking about Jesus. Hell explaination will later then when that person fully perceived the word which is Jesus.

  • Liz says:

    God says that his word will not return to him void, so if the street preachers are speaking the word of God, then no matter how it is presented it will not return void.

    These street preachers get taunted but they are remembered. Their presentation may not appeal, but at the end of a politically correct day, it probably would rate a mention and a laugh at the dinner table – thus the street preachers have just multiplied their audience.

    Think of the adds on television that are really annoying. Companies pay thousands for advertising like that, and their purpose is not to drive the customer away but rather towards their product.

    OK, it’s embarassing – but if those Christians are passionate enough to street preach then they probably have their eyes focused more on God than themselves, and that is where our focus should be.

  • Joe R says:

    I don’t know if the preaching style is right or wrong, nor can I condemn the message since it is biblical. I am not a professor or scholar but I felt that I should share my thoughts on this subject.

    I do believe that the church has gone away from preaching what it is to be a Christian. The message all to often is where are you going to spend eternity. We preach about getting right with God so we can go to heaven and not to hell. Is this what Christianity is all about? Is it about about what we obtain as Christians once we are saved? I think that if that preacher who had a bullhorn in has hand talked about walking with Christ and getting to know your Savior, that his tune and demeanor would be a little tamer. The message he is delivering allows him to be aggressive because the message itself is threatening.

    In my opinion Christianity is not about Heaven, Gifts, Crowns, Mansions or eternal life, and not being a Christian is not about hell and condemnation. It’s about being with Christ and walking with him daily where as a non Christian can not do this. The question should be asked, if Jesus was not in Heaven would you still want to go there? I wonder what the bullhorn preacher would answer.

  • The main point is that we serve in spirit. Many there are who preach correct facts but do not do it in the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, which is a dead gospel that is very prominent in our day. History shows us this as well. If it is not the Holy Spirit doing the work then it is a work of the flesh and sinful before God. David cried out to God, “Deliver me from presumtuous sins!” Which is doing what God didn’t tell us to do. I know from my own personal experience that it is very easy to try to serve God with our flesh and we all have to agreeably let God do a deep work of crucifying not only our bad flesh but our good flesh as well to be fit to truly serve Him in the Spirit. It is written, “The flesh cannot please God.” The Holy Spirit is faithful to show us what is of Him and what is of us if we only ask Him to show us and pick up oour cross that will crucify our human wisdom, natural strength, and self-glory that we tend toward by nature even in the Christian life. God is faithful!

  • Earle West says:

    Acts 5:42
    Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.

    Its was Jesus quoting Isaiah:
    “The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
    because he has anointed me
    to preach good news to the poor.
    He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
    and recovery of sight for the blind,
    to release the oppressed,

    22All spoke well of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his lips.

  • Stephen says:

    I live in San Antonio. One day at the Alamo, my family and I walked towards the Alamo, and we encountered a street preacher with a megaphone, preaching for the people to repent, and leave their lives of sin, and with other words. While at first taken aback (because I go to church most Sundays and hear a sermon there, instead of expecting to hear it just anywhere on a street corner), I was reminded at that moment by the Holy Spirit, that this particular man was doing God’s Will, and that street preaching for him, was the method God was using to reach the lost. After that moment, the next moment several of us felt an intense need to encourage the preacher. At an opportune time,some in our family did encourage him – I wish I was more bold in encouraging him myself. Is it OK to preach “angrily?” Well, while we must speak the truth in love, a preacher can still express his anger about the sins of those who hate Jesus, while in the next moment, tell those same Jesus-haters to repent, or turn, from their sin. While this type of message is not the only message an unsaved person should hear, it is still crucial, as uncomfortable as it may be. “Story” and “Encouraging Words” sermons are very appropriate, but “admonishment” and “warnings” come with the package. My only concern to the original poster, would be, that, yes, how do you know the preacher was following God? Did his “anger” come from a righteous prodding that affected the tone of his message?… or did his “anger” come from another source?….these are tough times because of the perceptions people have against truth and Christianity… but I believe it is better to err on the side of speaking the message clearly, than to err on the side of “apologetically” hoping someone will get the truth by “beating around the bush”.

  • Jamie says:

    Hmmm… It seems to me that there are many who are very worried that people won’t like the message of Jesus, so they want to tip toe around and try to get unbelievers to “like them” in spite of their Jesus-disability.

    I think that we do not know how God is working in other’s lives, and He is certainly free to reach people through a “nice” person or through a bull-horn. Will you accept that God’s ways are not your ways and His ways are always higher than our ways? We might want to stop playing God and telling people that “my form of witness is a good one, yours is not a good one.”

    Obviously if you felt a conviction from God that you needed to call out to people in a marketplace, you would be very serious about obeying the Spirit in you.

    I wonder what Hosea’s family thought when he decided to marry a prostitute to witness to people of God’s faithfulness, and then God had him buy her back in the public market and take her home to be faithful to her again – I bet this made some people feel uncomfortable.

  • Paul says:

    Until people realise that SIN has seperated them from God and that there is a coming judgement, they will see nothing in Christ.

    Christ saves, from what? Hell

    Thats why he is loving.

    If we present Christ without judgement and hell and you are giving a miracle cure to someone who doesnt believe he has an illness.

  • John Shearer (A Christian Coward) says:

    I was Bible man for a day. I joined with a street evangelist, his wife, and others from church and spent several hours talking to folks on the street about Christ. We spoke of righteousness, sin, hell and the judgement to come. I listened to some of the most barzarre other gospels I had never heard. From aliens directing us by implants into our brains to a myriad of Hindu, Muslem, and other world religious teachings. I spoke with athiests and listened as they shared their reasons for not believing in God or His Christ. I pointed them to Christ and His Gospel as best I could using Scriptures they chose not believe. I prayed for their salvation and left it there. I cried for several days each time I remembered the young man crippled in both feet who walked away without Christ that day. He did take a tract though and was reading it as he slowly made his way across the street. I rejoiced with the joy of Christ when two young Hindu college students prayed with me to receive Christ. We gave them each a New Testament and encouraged them to find a church. I listened and shared what the Bible had to say about Christian beliefs with people who had never been in, nor would they ever enter into, a Christian Church. I watched as other Christians wandering by came to tears of conviction as they remembered from whence they had fallen. I am not so much angered by street preachers as I am grateful. They are doing what God has called all Christians to do. Far too often I refuse His call because of personal cowardice. How many will never get the opportunity to hear because of such cowardice? We live in an age when the world will not come to us. We must go to them.

  • @Chris: Warning others with a bullhorn, is Wrong? “Turn or burn” is the same thing as repeating Luke 13:3 and Luke 13:5 “I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” IM GLAD MANY DID NOT FEEL THE SAME WAY CHRIS DID ON THIS POST :)

    I’m sorry, are we supposed to be like Joel Olsteen and others who even don’t say the word “sin” and preach prosperity and feel-good messages. If telling people what hell is like with a bullhorn is unnerving, what do you think hell will really be like? just a beach party on a hot day? I believe personal evangelism and street preaching is the most effective way, next to living a Christ-like life. @Chris, if you would be able to really grasp how many people are really going to hell, i think WE all would do the same thing. These guys do what all of us should do. We don’t know when Christ is coming again, and if we lived as if he would come at midnight everyday, we would be out on the streets. Not secluding ourselves in the churches, Where I live MANY make fun of Christians and believe religion to be an institution of fear.

    Some water, some plant but only God gives the growth.

    LISTEN TO THIS [John Bevere – Affabel] info @

    • Chris says:

      @nathan if you get a chance to reread my post you’ll notice I never said that using a bullhorn was wrong, I just question its effectiveness.

      The quotation you cited in Luke was said by Jesus in direct response to a question posed to him by a group of people who were there to listen to him. That is quite a bit different than shouting it at all who passed him on the street.

      Also, you’ll notice that I never said that all street preaching and personal evangelism is wrong. On the contrary, I happen to agree with you: personal evangelism is EXTREMELY effective and Biblical. And I’d be foolish to discount all street evangelism, which as you’ll note I do not.

      However, I personally have to question preachers who lead with a “Turn or Burn” message because of my experiences. I’ve never seen one having a useful conversation with a passerby.

      Again, do you personally know anyone who has been converted by a street evangelist who lead with “Turn or burn” or a similar message?

  • Joe R. says:

    In reading the last 3 comments, I can see that we disagree with what Our purpose as God’s people is and what the “Good news” really is. Jesus tells us ” Go out and preach the good news.”

    I do believe that we come to Christ through Faith and not through fear. This Faith is not something that we have it must be given to us by God’s Grace. I don’t see how God can lead us to Christ when the message is Heaven and Hell. God leads you to Christ who then saves you. Christ is the “Reason” we are saved. Heaven and Hell is the “Result” of being saved. How we people be lead to the “Result” when they don’t have the “Reason” first.

    In my experience, the ones who try to come to Christ through fear usually never stay long. They worry about the things of the world just as much as Heaven and Hell and they lose that perspective of salvation. But those who are planted Firmly in Christ never sway or lose their way.

    As I said in my previous post, Yes the Bible mentions Hell and Heaven and it’s very easy to go out and preach this. I can not dispute that it is Biblical. But these words are for the believers not for the unbelievers. Paul preachers to the early Churches, Jesus to his disciples. They don’t speak these words to unbelievers. There is a difference in the message of repentance and the message of Heaven and Hell. Repentance is a message of looking in the mirror and seeing that you are away from Jesus and that you need him. Repentance has Jesus at the center of the message. Heaven and Hell is a message of fear which has nothing to do with Christ and has nothing to do with Faith.

  • Tania says:

    No screaming street preacher or televangelist did if for me. I was saved by a Green Beret, an Army Special Forces Soldier. I figured anyone who had seen the working end of a Soviet made AK-47 and believed in God and his Son, Jesus Christ and was able to use that to make sense of his life HAD to have something. It came at a time when I was disgusted with the world and my life. My life didn’t get immediately better but oh WOW were there miracles in the months to come.

    What would I have done in your shoes? The same thing you did. I would have wanted to punch the loudmouths and I would have been hurt listening to the young people.

    The marginalized act the way they do because, I believe, of spiritual warfare. The enemy tells the televangelists and street preachers they are “doing the right thing.” It is why I don’t listen to them, save for the occasional Joyce Meyers sermon. It seems sad to me, but God gave us free will. I try to live in a way, getting closer to God and quietly showing others the gospel using words when necessary.


  • John Shearer says:

    Love you Joe R, yes, “well put”, just not scriptural. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Proverbs 1:7. Jesus said to his disciples, “What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in the light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.” Matt 10:27 In the next verse he tells us what to proclaim in the light and preach from the houstops, “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matt 10:28 I appreciate your take on it but if there is nothing to be saved from (Hell) then there is no need for a Savior. Jonathan Edwards in his classic sermon, “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” would certainly not be in agreement with hiding Hell from sinners until they have come to Christ. You have it backwards Joe, warnings that Hell lies ahead are not for the saved headed for Heaven but for the unsaved headed for Hell. Faith in the good news concerning the grace found in Christ Jesus drives out the fear of condemnation and Hell. Thanks for your comments Joe please don’t let my response discourage you from giving your input. I can tell from your posts you have a kind and sensitive spirit. Such sensitivity and love lies at the heart of being a good evangelist. Weeping in the night for those headed for Hell without Christ should always precede preaching the warnings of Hell in the light. I speak from experience Joe, both Bullhorn and Bible man fast, pray, weep, and lose sleep in the night for the lost. They do so from a heart of love or they would lack the courage to step into those streets and preach a saving Christ to a lost and dying world rushing headlong and totally oblivious to the Hell that lies just ahead.

  • Alex says:

    How can you people miss the point of this? I’ve been a dorm bible study leader at the University of Iowa for two years now; responsible for evangelizing to a lost population of students. We do dorm to dorm evangelism, and I have never, not once, met a kid who turned to Jesus because somebody yelled scary things at them. In fact, most of the time it’s a barrier I have to overcome in sharing the gospel with them. “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” as an opening point actually strikes people off balance and willing to hear more far better than, “you’re a sinner doomed to hell.” Yes, the latter is true, and you more than likely will have to touch on it at some point in the conversation, but heck, when you do make the point, INCLUDE YOURSELF. YOU are a sinner too. YOU were doomed to hell no matter what you would have tried to do on your own, and it’s only by God’s mercy and Christ’s sacrifice that you’re saved. Emphasize that sin does not equal actions. Actions are just the outward manifestations of evil within. Thereby EVERYONE is on the same level sin-wise, from the avid church-goer, to the homosexual, to the sexed up drug addict. The believer’s only advantage is that he has allowed Christ to bear the death that is the sinner’s own rightful wage, and that grace is theirs (the person your talking to) for the taking as well, no real action required on their part. No bullhorn airbag I’ve listened to ever seemed to be able to get past the horror of the problem to even adequately mention the beauty of the solution.

  • Rudy Artau says:

    I think many people searching for God are put off by the Hell and damnation aspect. But there is a way to show God’s Love as well as the cost of sin.
    If God the judge in a court room and a man came before him that was guilty of theft, hit and run, murder or any crime, would you not want justice? Of course you would. That man should get the punishment to fit the crime. If the judge was rightous, he would sentence him and the man would pay for the crime…But, this judge instead sent his own son to pay the price for this criminal. That is what God did for all of us to save us from Hell and the punishment we deserve. God is just and those who sin will pay for it; however, he has provided a subsitute, his son. If only we believe in him and accept him as our savior. For he is saving us from the depths of Hell itself. Would not the criminal be grateful that he doesn’t have to go to jail? I know I would. But not all will accept this gift. But there is a way to present this message in a loving way and at the sametime letting people know that hell is real, and without Christ and his act of Love, we would all be going there.

  • Joe R. says:

    Well Mr. John Shearer,

    Let’s agree to disagree I am not discouraged by your words nor do I take what you say very lightly. I disagree with you on everything you mentioned especially when you say “I appreciate your take on it but if there is nothing to be saved from (Hell) then there is no need for a Savior.”

    Before we come to Christ and before we are given the gift of faith, we don’t know or understand anything about Hell or Heaven or even know that we are headed there. We know what people have said and what other religions have mentioned and so on. But I will guarantee you that 99% of unbelievers will say Heaven is for the good and Hell is for the bad. But the real truth is only known to those who have gone to the other side. You can only see Heaven and Hell once you have Christ in you. The reason why is because You can only see your true self if you see Christ first. You must see Christ before you see your sin. It doesn’t work from the sinful side. These people who walk around and here Heaven and Hell say to themselves, that’s right, the preacher is right, you need to be a good person like me to go to heaven. Because sin before anything else is deceitful and it will only show Hell as a possibility, if your not a so called good Person.. Christ shows us all that there is no good person. Without the message of Christ and repentance there is no salvation. We should not preach Heaven and Hell but that Christ came on earth because we are all sinners. Jesus does not save us from Hell he saves us from Sin. Hell is just a result of sin.

  • Austin says:

    Our world is going to hell in a handbasket. People are dying every day! I commend these street preachers for waking people up. The bible says “Awake O sleeper rise from the dead” Some of these folks are dead spiritually. It is appointed man once to die and then the judgement. See, this is whats wrong with the church today. The church only wants a watered down Gospel, “Seeker Friendly”. I was not called to be a friend as much as I am called to love you. Sometime its going to hurt when I tell you the truth. America is just now paying for the 60’s and 70’s. We wonder why our world is in a hurt, its because of the church. She has become “Luke Warm”. We get upset with sinners when they sin, but that is what sinners do! Everyone wants to say “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” that is true. But he also expects and demands holiness. Without holiness, no man will see the Lord! We must not forget that God is also a God of wrath. If we are willing to admit or not, God does have a last nerve! The bible says “Death and Hell were thrown into the Lake of Fire.”

  • Philip says:

    I am a Christian who came to his faith by god not by angry Christians. When I was maybe 13 or 14 I got in a argument about something of a religious nature and 5 or 6 of the kids in my class started chanting “Your going to Hell Your going to Hell”. At this point I completely dismissed all things Christian because I figured if Heaven was filled with these people then Hell sounded like a way better place. I think the work of the devil is done with condemnation and judgment by Christians who think that calling people names and judging them will somehow bring them to Christ. Bring people to God by Being a Light and giving love. Once they have accepted Christ by first being Loved and accepted for being the sinner they are then God will indict them and do the hard work. All too often you find out the Christians who are anti gay or whatever have a gay lover on the side. There are way too many logs in the eyes of myself and other Christians to go picking out the splinters in others eyes. Give Love and people will see the goodness of Jesus Christ.

  • I often shake my head at people who misunderstand street preachers (and, often the Bible). God is a God of love, eh? He just loves them all just as they are?
    Then why is “angry with the wicked every day” (Psalm 7:11), and why does He “hate all workers of iniquity” (sin) (Psalm 5:5), and why does he demand perfection? (Matthew 5:48) Because God is Holy, hates sin, is Just & is Righteous.
    The thing about preaching about Hell is this: yes, people will get upset. And they need to: they are criminals in God’s sight.

    So what do people like you do: tone it down and preach about God’s “Love” and about what wonderful plans He has for their life. And even though the numbers of your church grow, they never change as people. They keep sinning, and loving their sin.
    Why? They don’t get converted because they never were convicted by the Holy Spirit, because all they wanted was that love – not God, Holiness, or Righteousness. Yet Jesus said: “Take up your Cross and follow Me”.

    Which is more loving: The Truth of their criminal state? Or, a ‘non-threatening’ approach which paints Jesus as their ego-booster?

  • cmd says:

    I am just reading through this posting with curiosity. Chris, did you ever find someone who got saved through this kind of evangelism?

  • Joe R. says:

    To Nathan Keen,

    Yes God is a Holy God, and he is angry with the wicked and He hates Sin, but God is also a God of grace but you never do mention that in your comment which strikes me as odd.

    When I read your comment, I find it hard to believe you have a grasp of salvation. You are wicked, You are sinful, You have fallen short of the glory of God and continue to do this everyday of your life and till the day that Christ returns or that you pass on. This is the truth of the criminal Mind as you like to put it. It’s called having a sinful nature. Something we can not get rid of and something that makes us all the same, saved or unsaved. We are all unworthy of God’s love and grace.

    The problem with the message of Heaven and Hell is that you separate yourself from non-believers. You promote your state and criticize the person who is listening and walking the street and I don’t see how we as Christians can promote such a message. We are only saved by God’s grace not by any actions we have done.

    Heaven and Hell is a message that can be preached, but I prefer the “We are all in the same Boat” approach. We have all fallen from the glory of God, We are all doomed from God’s wrath and We all deserve condemnation. But We all have refuge in Christ who saves us from this.

    I like the above message a lot better than the message of “I’m going to Heaven and your going to Hell unless you change your ways.” The real truth is that this message is a lie. Satan has taken this message and distorted it. Because even if you do change your ways, you still don’t go to heaven. Stopping your Sinning does not get you into heaven, nor does Changing your ways. The only way we get there is by crucifying your sinful nature and being justified By Christ. Even if you do accept Christ the sinning will not stop.

    I really don’t see how the message of Heaven and Hell helps the unbeliever, There is no message of salvation in that message and There is no indication of what salvation really means, it’s just a fear of what can happen and fear is not Love.

  • Austin Roberson says:

    To Joe R:

    The problem with grace in the church is how the word grace is used. Grace really means in the greek God’s strength. You may ask, strength for what? Strength to overcome sin. The problem in the church is that we have gotten mercy mixed up with grace. God did not give us a right to keep on sinning. He tells us to work on in. We will sin, but when we sin we have an advocate with the Father. Willfully sinning is iniquity.
    Many people have the attitude that if God is a God of GRACE, we can just keep sinning and ask forgiveness when we get ready. The bible says “Why do you call me Lord and do not the things that I ask”. Many on that day will ask Lord did we not do certain things in your name and He will say “Depart from me you workers of iniquity”. My question to you is: What did God save you from?

  • Karen Cravy says:

    I understand what you mean Chris because to be approached by harshness, ultimatums and anger doesn’t draw me in anyway. God has NEVER come to me in a threatening, almost hateful manner as do some street preachers. The ones I have relationship with are doing the work of the ministry with their arms and hearts full of food and love and good works. Anytime I have been chastised by God or His shepherd, it has always contained TRUTH IN LOVE and maybe sterness, but never condemning. The Holy Ghost couldn’t have drawn me with condemnation, but surely did with conviction.
    Thank You Jesus for Your merciful, gracious love toward us!!

  • Joe R. says:

    To Austin Roberson

    I appreciate your comment and your love for God’s people to stop sinning and to do righteously before the Lord. I too share your hate of sin and God’s anger with it. However we see Paul as he writes to the Romans that he too struggles with the old man and the new man. He says he struggles with it everyday and proclaims himself the chief sinner.

    We can not stop sinning. It is wrong for any Christian to demand that we do this. When Christ comes to us he gives us this new life he does not heal our flesh in the process, it is still there. The new man constantly struggles with the old. I think it is wrong for anyone to expect a Christian to stop sinning. It only makes your Christian walk harder and less enjoyable. the focus is always put on the sin and not on The one who has removed the sin. We will always have a sinful nature. This does not leave us. And I get frustrated with Christians who look down at other Christians who fail. How I admire Paul for claiming himself Chief sinner, I think I have surpassed him but I take comfort that I am not alone.

    John MacArthur puts it like this and I appreciate his words..

    “After salvation, sin, like a deposed and exiled ruler, no longer reigns in a person’s life, but it manages to survive. It no longer resides in the innermost self but finds its residual dwelling in his flesh, in the unredeemed humanness that remains until a believer meets the Lord at the Rapture or at death”

    In reality Grace does not give us permission to sin but we have a constant battle with the flesh and sin does and will happen. Doesn’t mean I like it but it’s true. Our sinful nature is part of us til death or Rapture. Why do Christians focus on sin so much and not the one who has defeated sin. Why do Christians focus on themselves so much and not on Christ? Is Christianity about you or is it about Christ? It’s all about Jesus, all of it. I don’t look at mans sin or yours or mine. i just thank God for his mercy and his presence in my life. “When” not “If” I fail then let God deal with me, why should you get involved? Don’t you have enough on your plate??

    Now your question that you asked at the end is quite an interesting question, What did God save me from? Well in truth He saved me from his judgment, from His wrath of the Ungodly. And the result of his judgment is spending eternity without his presence. That is what hell is. It is not having God’s presence in your life and being. So by being saved, you gain the right to be with God, and not saved you will be separated from God. The world as we know it today has God’s presence here. They don’t know it, don’t enjoy it but they do have it even if they don;t know it or recognize it. Hell does not have God there, that is why it is a terrible place.

    The preaching of Heaven and Hell is so misguided in my opinion because we emphasize on the place and it’s rewards and lack of rewards but we forget what makes it hell or heaven. Again Satan has distorted this message. Hell is not bad because of the fire, because of the pain, because of the lack of life, It’s bad cause Jesus is not there.

    It’s all about Jesus, The Alpha and Omega.. Why don’t we just preach about the living Christ and let the Holy spirit deal with Heaven and Hell. I don’t feel Heaven and Hell is a message that leads to salvation, It’s a message for God’s people only, saying Heaven is where Christ will be and Hell is where Christ will not be.

    Praise be the the Almighty Christ!!

  • Joe R. says:

    I think this video and it’s message is sooooooo much more powerful than what any street preacher can say about Heaven and Hell.. Enjoy And Praise Him on High. Thank you Jesus!!

  • […] have often heard straw men arguments used to decry open air  preaching, but those trying to stop street preachers are making a […]

  • Hey Folks my name is kyle Joe Hicks I direct a street & Youth Ministry on the Streets of Detroit, Mi.Check our web site. I attempted to leave a comment here a few days ago but it obviously was dropped in transmission or not allowed during. “moderation”
    Concerning Street Preaching, God uses all kinds of preaching and preachers:

    Noah was considered a wack job by the folks in his generation and preached for 120 years and the only converts were the 8 in his family.

    Isaiah was a Patriot, Historian, an Eloquent speaker who was so loved by his generation that they took him stuck the old man in a log and sawed him in half,. because he so influenced the community around him.

    Ezekiel was double separated Hebrew priest in Babylonian Captivity. His preaching rivaled a circus side show. Using all sorts of “Props” to illustrate the Lord’s message.

    Jeremiah & Hosea were the weepy eyed prophets that preached to the stiff neck folks in their country. Hosea was married to a “Whore” for real. And this was done as a picture of God and His realtionship to his “adulterous” people Israel.

    Jonah was a Hater and a coward. He was commanded by the Lord to go to Ninevah and preach to the cruel Assyrians. This would be like a Jew going to preach to Hilter & the Nazi’s. After spending 3 days fasting and praying in the whales gut. He goes resentfully to Ninevah, Preaches, “yet 40 days and Ninevah shall be overthrown.” And a city wide revival breaks out and then Pastor Jonah gets ticked off! He wanted the Assyrians dead because of their cruelty. God explains to Jonah that there were thousands of kids in that town that could not tell their right hand from their left. And the “TURN OR BURN” Method worked just fine in Ninevah that day.

    • Joe R. says:

      To Kyle,

      I do wish your ministry much success. I hope it brings people closer to Christ and that they may find him through your work.

      On that note I do want to reply to your message. You set wonderful arguments for your cause but all the men you mentioned were born before Christ. Jesus lived on earth for 33 years after all the men you named were dead and gone. His birth and death changed everything.

      When Noah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Hosea & Jonah walked the earth, they were still offering sacrifices to God. They were building alters. The Gentiles were not God’s people. God gave his law and favor to the Jews. The message in those days was not to be saved but try to live by the law. The message was not turn to Jesus or God but obey his word and his law. But I think Jesus changed all of that.

      His words were not an eye for an eye, but turn the other cheek. He did not say obey the law or you will burn but says he who is without sin let him cast the first stone. He did not say Turn or burn but rather go through out the land and preach the good news.

      I do believe that the Old Testament is a vital part to our Christian walk and we can learn so much about our God through these books. But There is a New Testament and the word testament does mean, law or agreement. With this new law, new attitudes and behavior should be implemented as well.

  • qwerty says:

    One thing that I notice in people’s negative reactions is the almost constant mention of “the way it was said”. Often times, it is the way we say something that turns someone off, not our actual message. The non-Christians who are turned off by hellfire preachers are mostly turned off the tone and the attitude of the preacher. More times than not what the hellfire guy is saying is true. Thus,I believe that sin and hell and the law should be used while witnessing, but should be done with an attitude of compassion and of pleading with someone to turn to Christ because we do not want them to die without Him and end up in hell.

    One thing I am greatly opposed to is the idea of telling non-Christians that “hell is a place where Christ will not be”. To a lost, Godless person this description will sound harmless and even desireable. Only a Christian would realize what Godlessness portends.

  • apz says:

    An aion of an aion means an age of an age. aionios means ages not eternity. Eternal damnation doesn’t exist and in the first century after Christ only one of the three accepted schools of theology believed in Eternal damnation. The Roman school of theology which incorporated Roman pagan ideology into their beliefs. They spawned this lie about God not forgiving the majority of humanity and tormenting them forever. Most politicians liked this idea and in the fifth century Emperor Justinian made it manditory for Western Christians to accept eternal damnation as fact. The Eastern Orthadox churches have always rejected this doctrine.

    • qwerty says:

      Then how do you explain the multiple references to Sheol, the pit, etc. in the Bible, and what do you think it takes to get into Heaven?

  • Lee says:

    After reading thru these posts I was lead to Matthew, Chapter 7: 3-5

    3″Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

    I see a common theme in all these post, and that is our difficulty in accepting that the Holy Spirt works on it’s own terms and it’s own way and is well beyond the comprehension of our limited abilities to understand the incomprehensible greatness of our Creator.

    I am only certain of one thing, God loves all street preachers, and all those who disagree with street preachers methods. He created us all with an intended purpose and whether we submit and follow His will, or maintain our rebellious stance to the end, His perfect plan will be accomplished, with or without us.

    Ultimately, how I feel, or others feel, about street preachers is a side bar that doesn’t really matter. God’s will prevails. Humans will neither help it along or hinder it through their actions, they will only experience it.

    • qwerty says:

      I would say that what we do and pray can have some effect on what happens, but you are right in saying that we shouldn’t kill each other over street preachers.

  • To Joe R.& others, Greetings! It’s been a few weeks since I have even looked at these sites, being that I have been on the road picking up supplies for the homeless folks in our ministry and preaching in a church in Pahokee Fl. and on the Streets in Okeechobee.Fl.
    I do understand what your saying concerning the old testament preachers, the exact terminology that you are trying to say is Dispensationalism. It does not mean Time period as most say, But rather House Rules or the Rules of the Masters House. As in storm windows in the winter and screens in the summer.
    I know that none of the old testament Prophets were preaching I Cor 15, and I made mention in the 1st sentence that something was dropped in transmission in a previous attempt. And it happened yet again when I sent that 2nd note????
    Rather than going threw the several other Old Testament Prophets that I wrote about and the reason for mentioning them is that God used all kinds of men the weepers like Jeremiah & Hosea, weird ones like Ezekiel, and “Haters” like Jonah to preach the message of God.
    I understand that, as a no brainer as in like DUH! But please recall that Jesus Christ Himself did not preach I Corinthians 15:1-4 either. He even told the Rich young ruler,Matt 19:17/Mark 10:19 to keep the LAW for Salvation BECAUSE there was no NEW TESTAMENT YET! No Death of the TESTATOR had happened YET! I understand all of that and the “transmission” of my letter cut off at Jonah’s little sermon with Big results TO GENTILES!!!
    And in FACT the Lord Jesus Christ DID preach a turn or burn message not just “good news”. Just in Luke 13:3 & 5 the Lord Preached “Except Ye repent Ye shall ALL likewise PERISH.” And the Lord Jesus Christ preached Hell some 15 times in the gospels. And that message was then to “the lost Sheep of the House of Israel” to the Jew FIRST and also to the Greek, and John 1:11-12 “He came unto his own (Israel) and his own received him not.
    12. But to as many as received him (Gentiles after his death) to them gave he power to BECOME the son of God even to them that believe upon his name.”
    Here’s the deal NO ONE EVER GETS SAVED UNTIL THEY GET LOST! And how do you GET LOST??? Galatians 3:24 “Wherefore the LAW was our school master to BRING US unto Christ, that we must be justified by faith.”
    Ya see the LAW doesn’t save, but it CONVICTS you that you need to be saved! It’s the TEACHER!
    Now I would not have to be writing this IF my 1st & 2nd attempts had transmitted properly, But what about the Preaching of the New Testament. Lets start with John the Baptist whom the Lord said was the GREATEST man born to women, He looked like a Biker all cover with camels hair and a leather girdle, Eating Locusts and wild Honey probably spitting bug wings at some self righteous Pharisee! HA! And was his message all “Good News For Modern Man?” NOOOO! He preached the HELL out of both the religious and the likes of adulterous Herod & Herodias, (Which cost him his head) via Salome…. Good News??? The axe was laid to the root. “REPENT for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” (That kingdom was physical visible Matt 13:33) as opposed to the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven Romans 14:17.
    And how about the preaching of the Lord Jesus Christ??? I tell everybody the Lord “Comforted the afflicted and Afflicted the comforted” When Jesus Christ asked who do men say that I AM? The disciples told him some say that you Elias, (That’s Elisha the O.T.prophet or one of the “Prophets” Matt 16:14 again those would ALL BE OLD TESTASMENT because in fact John the Baptist was the last of the O.T. prophets Luke 16:16…”until John.” And the people said that others thought that Jesus was John the BAPTIST raised from the dead, Why??? Perhaps as cousins they looked somewhat alike but what did BOTH of them preach… REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND. Now folks we ALL know how sweet and kind Jesus was… BUT HE also preached the HELL out of people. Like Elisha? Ya know the guy in II Kings that cursed a crew of kiddies for telling him go up oh bald head, and bears got those BRATS! Yeah GOOD NEWS Eh? HA!Yep Jesus was compared to that Dude? “SHO NUFF”. Yep a REAL smoothie was n’t he??? or as one of the other O.T. prophets that were all dismissed in Joe’s note to me. Or how about that highly cultured, mannerly John the BAPTIST yeah buddy there was a “Good News Preacher” ???? Ha! If you ever heard one!
    Jesus preached Grace AND Hell Fire and brimstone and it is UNDENIABLE that He preached LIKE Elisha, or one of the prophets (all O.T.) or a resurrected John the Baptist.
    Next you will no doubt assert, Well I meant after the great commission, the “Good News” Well in Acts 2: Peter preached a sermon based in Joel 2 O.T. told an all Jewish crowd they hand WICKED hands vs.23 (mean preaching) and had Crucified the LORDS Christ and they were PRICKED in their hearts … results? Told to REPENT vs. 38 and only 3000 were saved at this JUDGEMENT preaching.
    Or how about that “Sweet Preaching” of Dear old Stephen in Acts 7 that after a 50 verse history lesson Stephen called his hearers vs.51 Stiffnecked,uncircumcised in heart, resisters. Vs. 52 Stephen calls them persecutors, betrayers and murderers. How ya’ll “digging” all this Good News Vibe? And they killed Stephen with Saul or Tarsus standing right there.
    I will not take the time to tell you about all the GREAT and positive things that happened in the book of ACTS, but you have to admit especially of the Apostle Paul that same man Saul who consented to Stephens death, EVERYWHERE he went it was a revival or a Riot!
    He reasoned with the Greeks on Mars Hill,and he told them in Acts 17:22 your superstitious in vs. 23 you worshipped ignorantly or he was saying your superstitious & idiots… yea boy keep the Good News a coming boys! HA! s. 31 God… commandeth ALL men everywhere to REPENT. Vs 31 Judgement days coming.Notice here we are now along way passed the Old Testament and Jesus’ 33 years! And Paul sounds much like Elijah & the 400 prophets of Baal.
    The Gospel is the Good News and it’s defined in I Corinthians 15:1-4 it is #1. The DEATH- that’s negative #2. Burial- that’s negative #3. Resurrection of Jesus Christ THAT’S POSSITIVE! So the Gospel is 2 parts NEGATIVE and One part positive. or TWO parts bad news & ONE part “Good”.

    Here is everyone’s problem with Street Preaching Hell Fire & Brimstone which is only 1/2 of the message.

    AMOS 5:10 “They HATE him that rebuketh in the gate, and they ABHOR him that speaketh uprightly.”
    Yep I know that’s Old Testament BUT if I had a dime for everytime that some well meaning saint has tried to stop me from preaching the gospel open air Judgement & Grace… I’d be rich!

    BUT THERE ARE 2 PARTS and TYPES in reaching folks…

    Jude 22 “And of SOME having compassion, making a difference:
    Jude 23 “And OTHERS save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; HATING even the garment spotted by the flesh.”

    So which of these two am I? I try to be BOTH compassionate AND causing FEAR, HATING the WORKS of the SINFUL FLESH. You know LIKE uh JESUS!

    Bye the way Joe R…. Compassion is the theme of GRACE. And FEAR is the theme of the LAW our School Master that brings us to Christ.
    Or there is the whole Bible NEW TESTAMENT- COMPASSION & OLD TESTAMENT- FEAR OF THE LORD… with out BOTH you can’t get saved the O.T. LAW convicts and N.T Grace & Faith SAVES Ephesians 2:8-9

    Check this verse out Amos 3:8 “The Lion hath roared who will not fear? The Lord God hath spoken WHO CAN BUT PROPHESY?”

    As for me…I will keep Street Preaching like Jesus, John the Baptist,Peter, Stephen, Paul,Elisha,and ALL of the old testament prophets did Judgement & Grace…Amos 4:12(b)…Prepare to meet thy God…”

    Can you do both? I try.

    And instead of “wish”(ing) my ministry does well PRAY that it does, that ALWAYS works out better for me!

  • Web Man says:

    At the end of the day, it’s all about shaking us out of our “drudgery” and making us aware of the reality of the situation, right?

    I think yelling sometimes is necessary.

  • Travis says:

    Speaking as an ex-Christian (now a secular humanist), perhaps I can speak a little for the other side.

    Bullhorn preaching is NOT effective at making non-believers hear your message. Nothing says “complete and utter lunatic” than some maniac with a bullhorn shrieking at people about their sins.

    Nothing drives people toward a serious, considered atheism (as opposed to a mere lack of religious conviction) than the antics of religious fundamentalists.

    911 was a seismic event in the history of non-belief. It forced many people to consider religion’s dark side, that the worst thing about unquestioning faith was not just wasting time at church. It made people realise that actually religion can be a very negative influence as well, it made people take note of religion’s dark side.

    So it is very important that if anyone is serious about spreading religion that you emphasise the positive aspects. You emphasise the love and the community and the charity and the good things which the religious do. I do know that side of it, until my early 20s I was highly religious myself (and hence strongly inoculated against any attempts to reconvert me, so don’t bother).

    So yes, there are those who benefit a great deal from street preachers ranting and raving… those people who are opposed to religion. It gives us someone to point at and say “you don’t want to be like that guy, do you?”

    The original poster raised issues of how many Christians are disturbed by that kind of preaching and beg the preachers to change their message to something more positive. They’re concerned that such preachers are sending out the wrong message to the “unsaved”. They’re right.

    But as many people here have proven, there are sufficiently many people out there who are unwilling to listen to reason and arrogantly press on with their ineffective and confrontational ways. The irony though is that this arrogance usually wraps itself in a hypocritical cloak of humility. “I’m not going to listen to what anyone else says, I don’t care what you all think, I’m not bothered by how others see my preaching, I am always right, because I’m a humble servant of God.”

    Good luck with that. :)

  • Nena says:

    All I can say is “huray!” for those who responded by saying that to preach the gospel with good intentions is essential because the Lord IS coming SOON. We don’t have time to beat around the bush. Even if some people are put off by these preachers, at least they are giving it their best efforts, unlike some of “us.” Anyone who bolding speaks out on the Lord’s account puts me to shame, and makes me want to try harder to do my part.

  • Gary Pullen says:

    Unfortunately, these methods of evangelism are not new. However, any message spoken to a crowd that does not have its major theme as love, will never be effective on a large scale. Sinners know deep down that they are wrong & feel conviction over their sins! What their spirits long for and need is for real Jesus loving Christians to pour out His love to them without the condemnation & guilt. Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples of men. It is our job to love the lost & it is the Holy Spirit’s job to woo them to Christ! If we could just see that revelation, many many souls would be won for the Kingdom!!!!