Today’s Devotional: Born into Someone Else’s Kingdom

Our devotional for today comes from the Today daily devotional by reFrame Media. In it, Dr. Kevin Adams, ponders on who is actually in control of our lives. Is it us? Or is it God?

We were born into someone else’s kingdom. We did not choose our skin color, hometown, IQ, or body type. We did not choose our economic condition, our neighborhood, or the century we live in. We were born into someone else’s kingdom.

Why then do we often live with the illusion of being in control? We assume we can find our own way. We learn in kindergarten to “make good choices.” So off we go through grade school, picking out our own backpacks and designer clothes, video games and bicycles. We grow older and pick a college. Some of us choose a spouse and decide how many children to have. We find a career and decide whether to try a new one. We act like we’re in control.

Read the rest of the devotional at Today.

What people, experiences and objects in your life remind you that God is in control?

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