Does God Still Speak Through Dreams?

These days, most people dismiss dreams as meaningless subconscious activity. But the Bible is filled with stories of God speaking to people through dreams—Joseph, for example, famously interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and predicted seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine. It’s clear that God used dreams back then to communicate with humans, but what about now?

What do you think? Does God still speak through dreams?

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25 Responses to “Does God Still Speak Through Dreams?”

  • jonathan m says:

    yes, i do believe so…i heard a sermon b john macarthur where he was saying that God does not, but I hope He does…the word says, the old will have visions and the young will have dreams. God bless.

    • stephen bahago says:

      i MacArthur is correct, all that that God wants us to know he has revealed in the bible through Christ. anything dreams can just be some sort of human thing but no revelation is equal the bible or else the bible is limited to the way we interpret it and its authority.

  • YES, When it comes it is unmistakable. Some I like and some I dont but you can tell when GOD is in it good things happen. G.B.Y.D.

  • Doris Perry says:

    Of course he does, God is the same ,yesterday an today

  • lenience zinyama says:

    i think God still speaks to us in dreams coz the bible says in the last days young men shall see visions and young women shall dream dreams

  • Gunturu says:

    Dear sir,
    Why you be like little-faith? God is same yesterday, today and forever. How He can continue His mission without talking to the people. Job 33:14-18 clearly shows us, when God speaks, and how He speaks. So a believer(Christian) should never get such doubt. But, we must grow to such level of faith and spirit. I had several dreams and visions, but at the same time, we should not tempt and test our Lord, Who is looking us.
    With regards, Isaac

  • debbie says:

    Last week I saw a preacher talk about dreams. I love to dreams but often do not remember them. I said really loud, “OH JESUS, LET ME DREAM TONIGHT, I WANT TO DREAM TONIGHT!!” that night I dreamt the most wondrful vivid dream. I was building this beautiful house and it was just plain beautiful in every way. I kept going from room to room admiring things. I got to one room and there was something wrong with it……something was wrong. It was not finished.
    WOWWWWWWWWWW I did not need Joseph to interpret this dream. God was telling me my work here is not finished yet. I need lots more work to do to bring more people to Christ. I was so happy that I had that dream. I thank God for His message and will try to finishe my mansion here on Earth so I can get to my Mansion in HEAVEN! AMEN!

  • Lorenzo says:

    Yes they very much are. I believe the Lord communicates heavily through visions and Dreams . There is also scripture in Acts 2:17 which states “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” So this is very true. I’ve also learn to discern dreams because the enemy tries to sift lies among the children the Lord has sent visions and dreams. Most dreams though go according to his word and we must stay prayed up as well!.. God Bless=0)

  • Linda Alexander says:

    I do believe God still speaks through dreams. I have had Him speak to me personally several times through dreams.

  • Shar says:

    Yes, I do believe that God still speaks to us through dreams. Particularly if you have prayed about a certain matter or if there is something going on in your life (or in someone else s life) which He would like you to pay attention to. God is everywhere and in everything including our subconscious and dreams comes from our subconscious minds.
    But, we need to remember that other various elements can also have access to our minds, so we should be careful about the things we read, listen to and watch as these can influence our thoughts and be stored in our subconscious. I believe that to confirm whether a dream is or is not of God we need to apply Biblical principles and sound judgement and also speak to other experienced Christians. One Love

  • yes,iknow,god change my mind already but,i wait for his promise, the biblical principles i know them but told me something,i wait for him

  • minister johnathon nash says:

    Yes he do because in the bible it is written in joel2:28. And afterward I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men see yes do because god is the same yesterday,today,and tomorrow he is not like man that he should change.

  • God has spoken tome through dreams. Sometimes dreams of comfort, sometimes instruction.When I didn’t obey It cost me.
    God’s character never changes so why should his method of speaking to his people> because we have the New Covenant? I don’t think so.

  • Absalom Nghifitikeko says:

    God still speaks to us through dreams. I had a few over the last two days. He was talking to me about love- that those things which we do in LOVE are eternal- in other words, they are the only things that matter. AND the other one was on miracles, signs, and wonders, and that He wants and desires to manifest Himself more and more in that area of the supernatural, that we may experience His Glory.

    God speaks in many ways, including dreams, even today!


  • Anita says:

    I believe that God speaks in dreams. He has all through the years. Why would He quit now? I believe it is more that we don’t observe our dreams or that we don’t trust that it is Him speaking. I have customers that have had dreams that have supported them in making decisions regarding their investments. They are almost always accurate or confirmed by another party. It’s been quite fascinating to watch those people.

  • Petals says:

    God speaks in different ways, one is in dreams, and that is certain.
    What’s the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow with God?
    He is the same, His words are the same, same power, same anointing,
    If God was the One who has spoken in dreams yesterday, then he is the same God who would speak today or tomorrow, whatever time pleases Him.
    And it doesn’t matter whom He chooses, He will do it. He communicates
    with me through dreams, so many many times, same as many of you.

  • Ezinne says:

    Yes. I’ve been guided many times by my dreams (those ones that I could interprete).

  • yes,but as an advice to improve our life, and be close to Him,I believed that God put all what we need on the Bible.And closed His
    revelations.Cause today appear many men, claming they have a new God´s
    revelation, so we have to be cautios,God speaks to us in a different
    ways, but satan do the same. In this present times exist people who cannot distingue this.When Joseph Smith started his satan´s revelation, many christians falled into the lie.Same happened when Russell started his Jehova withnness movement.

  • Misti says:

    yes God does speak through dreams. when I dream certain things, I ask God if it was from Him and if so I ask what it means. Sometimes it’s been for me but other times God had me tell someone something specific and it ends up being an answer to something they’ve been asking God for. God also lets me know what certain items in the dream was about it helps explain the dream. it’s awesome when it happens because there’s no doubting that it’s God directly communicating with me. It could be nothing else. It’s supernatural. He loves us so much that He shares things with us in that special way. If you think a dream is from God, ask Him in faith that He will answer. The more you listen, the more you will be familiar with His voice and it will get easier for you to “hear” Him when He’s speaking to you. Thank you Lord for speaking to us through dreams!

  • Catamalan says:

    Now I dont feel as weird as I have done these past 3 weeks!!!

    I mean, why would God come to me in my dreams? Did I have the right to deny they were from Him? Did I ever even contemplate denying these dreams were from Him? No, not ever, nor will I ever deny them. Saying that, I havent told anyone but 2 people, my cousin and my husband. They both know and love me, and have faith in my word. As I have faith in these dreams…

    Mental? Nah, words from God, that’s not mental, thats miraculous!!


  • bugz Bunnie says:

    Yes he does. I am a 16 year old girl, and he gave me a dream about the rapture
    It scared me really bad but I think its a gift

  • ashley jones says:

    yes amen.

  • ronikia says:

    Yes, I believe He still speaks to us in dreams. He spoke to me in a dream and it was very powerful and clear. His Word and promises were in every part of my dream. He also gave me a word specificly for a friend. I prayed and asked God for the interpretation and He gave it through His Word. He was telling me that I have the victory and I’m an overcomer and that He is with me. So don’t doubt that He still speaks in dreams. God bless!

  • Jessica says:

    All my life I have had very vivid dreams. Some in which have came true in some way or another.
    Ive had a few lately that have made me feel as if something bad or good is about to happen.
    The most recent dream I had last night has left me in a shocked state all day. From what I can remember it was night and I was in a field looking up at the sky. I was with my husband and there were other people there as well. I pointed up at what looked like a meteor shower but then something went wrong. Fire balls we flying from the sky. There was chaos all around me. And then when I thought for sure I was going to be hit by one ( I think I was ) I put my hands up to protect myself. This white enveloped me entirely. I no longer saw anyone. No screams were heard just this kind of piercing trumpet sound, but it was nice. I put my hand out in front of me to reach out and I felt scared. So peaceful, but scared. I worried about the people that were with me. I started to ask questions and as my questions came from my lips the light faded. I ran to it trying to grasp it and hold onto that peace, but I couldnt stop yelling and then it was gone. If this is God talking to me… what is he trying to say?

  • mel says:

    like jessica i have always had vivid dreams too. recently i had a dream about the sun on fire and chunks falling to the earth. I looked at my husband and cried he’s coming, pray with me please! i also had a dream a few weeks prior that was similar, but instead of fire, the were bugs everywhere. I always worry for my loved ones in my dreams, i have written them down, and have been praying to God for revelation. My pastor says to be patient and God will reveal the meaning to me.