Today’s Devotional: God Always Provides

In the following devotional from Back to the Bible, Woodrow Kroll writes about how God provides for humanity. When the Israelites were wandering in the desert, God gave them manna to save them from physical death. Likewise, God sent us Jesus to save us from condemnation:

This manna is a type of Christ, foreshadowing God’s provision for mankind centuries later. Our Lord said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on Me hath everlasting life. I am the bread of life. Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven; if any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever; and the bread that I will give is My flesh, which I will give for the life of the world” John 6:47-51).

The similarities between the Old Testament type, the manna, and the New Testament fulfillment, Jesus Christ, are striking. The pure-white manna descended noiselessly in the night without fanfare. The Christ child was born on a silent night without fanfare. The heavenly manna was to be gathered early each morning. Nine verses of this chapter refer to the morning. We are to seek the Lord Jesus not only early in the day (Psalm 63:1), but early in life as well (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

The manna was clearly a gift from God. Israel did not earn this bread; in fact, this murmuring lot didn’t even deserve it. God’s salvation is never earned or deserved. “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God” (Ephesians 2:8). Manna was God’s gift of life to the Israelites. Jesus Christ is God’s gift of life to all mankind. Without God’s gift of manna, the undeserving Israelites would have died. But without God’s gift of Jesus Christ, the bread of life, all the world would be condemned to death.

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How has God provided for you recently?

25 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: God Always Provides”

  • Trina says:

    God has provided for me my entire life. I started to notice this around the age of 29. I started to appreciate this provision around the age of 39.
    I can see (partailly) how the Lord has every minute detail of my life covered as far as what I need. I may not have everything I want (thank you Jesus) but I certainly have everything I need (and some leftover)

    “Thank Lord Jesus for your faithfulness to me. Please help me be more faithful to YOU.”

    BTW….I’m 39 now :)

    • what a wondeful thing to say unto the lord your statement to me was just perfect i could have not put it into better words as it has really touch my heart this here would be my words and my prayer i’m so graceful just to be alive more then any thing that i have right now life is just so percious thank you again sharon.

    • Esther says:

      thanks for sharing i feel encouraged, im also going through a rough patch in life and my hope is in the Lord. One of my favorite verse is Psalms 121. May God bless you all.

    • Jerry says:

      I truly believe that God provides for all his people, he has provided for me, even when I was unaware,or made bad choices in life he has set things right and brought them into my remembrance so that I would know not to make the same mistake again.God has provided everything that I need.Not only that, he has given me some things that I desired,Praise the LORD!!!!
      Bro. Jerry

  • Anne says:

    Like Trinia above God always provides for me according to his grace. I am also aware of the fact that no matter how hard we push everything happens in his own time.

    I have more than I need and I continue to ask God for guidiance in all things, although I am not rich in earthly terms.

    I would like to develop a stronger prayer life and spirit of praise and I am currently waiting on God for the fruit of the womb.

    Thank you father for your grace in my life in Jesus holy name.

  • Terrence says:

    In the darkest days of my life, after I graduated from university, I experienced God’s unfailing love. He was there for me when I need Him even though I have turned away from Him time and time again.

    I was married and my wife was pregnant with our second child. I desparately need a job but the recession made job hunting a futile exercise. Jesus was my only comforter and guided me away from my sinful ways. When I finally learned to put down my prdie and surrender myself to Him, God provided what I was praying for. It was not in my field of engineering but in the relatively new field of Information Management. From there I built a career and a small business.

    I thank our father for the provisionings everyday and I pray that my children can maintain an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • David Lillard says:

    For my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory. These are notjust words in the Bible they are Promises from God to us, As long as we put Christ first in our lives He is Faithful to keep His words. The provision may not be the way we think or what we want, but He is faithful.

  • Bruce F says:

    I am thankful for what Jesus has done for us all on the cross. I am 57, a jewish believer for about ten years. I received a minor set back in my new business this morning. Through God, I was led to this site and read other postings/testimonials. Thank you all for sharing as I needed to be reminded that Jesus is in charge, and everything is in his timing not ours.
    In Him, Shalom
    Bruce F

    • Gloria L says:

      My husband and I have both been unemployed for a while and have found the Lord to be faithful. My verse has been Ps. 23:1 The Lord is my Shepherd, I will not want. I’ve been meditating also on Ps 111:5 “He provides food for those who fear Him, he remembers His Covenant forever.” RanVanDerlan also associated with RBC Ministries has done a lot of studying on Jewish culture and he has explained something about the 23rd Psalm about how the shepherds lead the sheep to the desert and there they know exactly where to lead the sheep to “graze” on the moss that grows on rocks that collect just enough moisture from the breezes that blow from the Mediterranean Sea causing the moss to grow. The desert which you would normally associate with nothing to feed on (apparently there is no cactus growing in that desert) is precisely where the shepherds lead their sheep to survive. Our God seems to lead us “dumb sheep” into desert places the same way and there he shows us his love and ability to help us survive. He did it for the Israelites for 40 years. He’s still doing it.

  • mamush says:

    God helps you

  • m pajma says:

    in matthew,Christ said that we should seek His Kingdom and Righeousness first and the rest will follow.i thank God for wat He has done and is doing in our lives.i see a reason to tell God thanks every time i open my eyes in the morning when i think how many miss the chance.every night i see the need to tell Him how i long to see morning.Our God is faithful.i cant count the things that makes me fall in love with Him more and more but one thing He did that sums up all,He laid His life4us.who would do that?

  • Amaramiro says:

    i thank God each day i see the light cos it’s not by my righteousness or any thing but for the love He has for me that is why i love Him and call Him faithful. this morning am glad to say thank you Jesus for another wonderful day.

  • Angeline Philip says:

    God provides not what we ask but what we need and that too at the right time. This has been so true in my life as sometimes we pray for things without knowing that it will bring us only sorrow and/or take us away from God.God has been so good that he provides the right things at the right time.Many a times God has made me wait and this has strengthen my faith and I’ve got rid of the sense of desperation. Oh Taste and see that our Lord our God is good.

  • Amaramiro says:

    God is a faithful God, that’s the reason why i call Him by faithful because every day of my life He cares for me,loves and provides for me even when i don’t deserve it. let us learn to trust in Him.

  • alex says:

    I must point out that like what The Almighty God said in prophet Isaiah 48:17 He is a faithful God and knows exactly what we need and the right path for us to take.only if we strive to follow His ways, we will not long for anything provided it is really necessary for us.

  • Ja'Net says:

    The Lord has provided for me by waking me up in my right mind and also doing the same for my family! HE is truly amazing! Even when i dont do right or am to busy running a rat race to commune with HIM HE still blesses me! What manner of MAN is this? I truly dont deserve HIS blessings but HE truly deserves my praise and worship! HE is so Faithfull!

  • Amaramiro says:

    there is joy in my heart because He is always there for me and my family. i call you faithful Lord.

  • Lin says:

    Our Good is so faithful. When I was in the world, I was really bad, committed three abortions and had one of my tubes removed. But God still blessed me with a God fearing husband who has encouraged me and taught me a lot about our Lord Jesus Christ and has also blessed me with two beautiful children.

    I had chicken pox when pregnant with my second child and doctors told me so many scary stories about having a deformed baby, and nearlly aborted that baby, but my husband asked me , whose report do you believe?

    when I look at my life I know that God has been more than faithful,even when the sun refused to shine and in the midst of the storms and time was no more, He has been so faithful. My life is a living testimony and I thank God for his provision, love, sustinance, protection and helping me to know Him more. Where would I have been had it not been for the Lord? He gave me a second chance in life and I’m more than grateful.I will continually serve Him for the rest of my life and I will urge you all to do so because our Lord is real. ”Please God help me to know you more and serve you with all my heart, body and soul” Amen.

    • Hello Lin
      I love the way that you put that, thats why i written the way that i did cause god heal me from cancer and the doctor was telling me all kinds of thing too. An to use scare tactic but i clung and hung close to jesus hand cause i was not going to give up on god cause i new in my heaart he was not giving up on me and i went through a lot i had to sell my home i had lost my car my job my nursing linceses for nursing but the greatess thing he spare my life and i was taking care a disable child of mind and she was 14 an a 4 year old daughter and i was in a lot of pain had no one to help me to get back and forth going by my self to chemo and it just seem like th storm was rageing in my life so now slowly but sure i’m beginging to paste some of my life back to gether grace unto you my friend and thank you for remining me who is in charge i had gatro lyphome and it was variest tumors in my stomach but i thank god for jesus cause he is in deed a healer and my all and all it would be my honor to talk with you and to get to know you you can reach me at in jesus name amen.

  • Holly says:

    So my husband lost his job and I had a baby 3 months ago and JUST started back to work. We are flat broke and couldn’t even pay our bills this month. Unexpectedly, we received over $700 put into our bank account from my husband’s old job (that he worked at over 5 months ago now.) Now we can pay this month’s bills. God is so good.

  • Good morning all,all i have to say that he is the provider and he came all by his self and do not need no one help he is the provider of the hunger/poor/health/healing and so on need i say more if you know him he is all we need to make it i do not care what my situation look like or even yours he will make a way out of know where and he will provide i never seen the rightness forsaken to god be the glory amen.

  • Linda Muhammad says:

    I wish all a blessed day. God has always provided for me. In those times of turmoil in my life, going through a divorce, becoming a single parent. I knew that God was always with me, and whatever was truly needed has always been provided. His prescence in my life is what I need, it is the air I breathe. His spirit fills me with the wisdom and discernment to make righteous choices so that I live the abundant life that Jesus talked about.

  • Irma Matthews says:

    Good morning God is awesome altough my husband lost his job 19 months ago He provided for us and we met so many christians on our way and know that God put them there for us. We pray that God will give my husband a job so that we can pay the bills. We praise and serve You Father God.

  • embarrased beliver says:

    From reading the above testimonies….

    I guess I am one of the “murmuring lot deserving of nothing”

  • mvm71 says:

    It’s true that the Lord is always here with us. Just call on Him and surely He will give the desires of our hearts. He is our great provider. I am an undergraduate but the Lord is so good that He gave me work so that I can provide my children their needs. Aside from this He gave me a loving, understanding husband and family. In everything God works for good.