Today’s devotional: God, the seamstress?

In the Online Pulpit column, Gerry Koning unearths a scriptural metaphor for God that you don’t hear very often: God as a seamstress! At several points in the Bible, God is described as providing clothing for his people, covering their nakedness and the spiritual and physical vulnerability it implies. The most famous instance of this took place with Adam and Eve, but it’s a metaphor that extends to all God’s children throughout the Bible:

In this life we still feel a bit naked and exposed. Death is one of the things that can do this. Death reminds us just how feeble and frail we are no matter what we might be wearing. We cannot dress up death. Our own sense of nakedness moves us to find the greatest seamstress, our Father, who gives us the festal garments of salvation.

God has created us for this very purpose, for this wedding feast. And it is with confidence that we look forward to this feast, for in Christ we will not be found naked but clothed in the white garments of righteousness.

Read the full devotional at InterVarsity Press.

Do you feel spiritually weak and vulnerable, in need of “covering”? How does the image of God as “seamstress”—standing ready to clothe you not just with rags, but with garments of glory and righteousness—strike you?

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