World Water Day and the challenge of providing clean water around the world

When’s the last time you had to worry about where you would find drinkable water? For most people living in developed nations, the idea of a “water crisis” sounds like an awfully remote problem on a planet covered 70% by ocean. But an estimated 1.1 billion people around the world rely on unsafe drinking-water—water that is contaminated by waste and substandard (or non-existent) water treatment.

Contaminated water means exposure to all sorts of waterborne diseases, with clear and tragic effects on the families and communities that have no other source of water to rely on—millions die each year of malaria, diarrheal diseases, and other diseases linked closely to contaminated water. The call to action for Christians is obvious.

Today is World Water Day, a chance to raise awareness of the desperate need for clean water in countries around the globe. The World Water Day website has good basic information about the situation and the need. Plenty of businesses are taking steps to help address the need for clean water, and Christian organizations like International Aid have been heavily involved in providing simple equipment that can purify even badly contaminated water.

If you know of a Christian ministry or organization at work in the developing world, consider supporting their efforts to provide clean water where it’s needed.

Is this an issue you’re aware of? Is it a cause that your church is actively supporting—and if not, do you plan to bring it up as part of the church’s regular contribution to missions and relief?

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