Today’s devotional: Are you afraid of death?

Does being a Christian mean you’re immune to fear? It’s sometimes assumed that if you believe in Jesus’ resurrection, you shouldn’t be afraid of anything—including death. Can you honestly say that you don’t fear death…and if you are afraid, does that mean you’re a bad Christian?

Not according to this devotional from Our Daily Journey with God, which addresses the tension between faith and fear:

Having faith does not mean that we’re not afraid. It gives us the courage to stand tall and to hang on in the middle of our fears. And the greater our fears, the stronger our faith can become.

We place our faith in Jesus, whose resurrection has defeated death. If we minimize death and claim that it’s no big deal, then we inadvertently also cheapen Christ’s resurrection that conquered it. But if we honestly admit that death is the enemy that terrifies us, then we can begin to appreciate the unparalleled power of the resurrection.

Faith isn’t about suppressing fear and pretending that everything is okay. But it does allow us to swallow hard—with shaky knees and sweaty palms—and cling to God’s promise that we will live again. Death is frightening, and for that reason it provides the ultimate test of our faith.

Read the full devotional at Our Daily Journey with God.

Is fear of death something that troubles you? What other fears and anxieties do you face, and how does your faith help you deal with them?

5 Responses to “Today’s devotional: Are you afraid of death?”

  • He Died For Me!


  • Because He arose on the THIRD day and ascended to heaven, I will ascend to heaven at the INSTANT of death.

  • kennedi turner says:

    i was scared of death, butafer i read this ,i am not any more
    thank you ANDY!!!!!

  • NaQuana says:

    Hello I am new here and recently death has been around me which causes me to be very much afraid.. I’ve been praying everyday all day for strenght, courage, and trying to leave me stress and worries with GOD.. I have been feeling a little better but the thoughts still consume and I am hoping me writing and getting this off of my chest will help some.. Thankyou for listening

  • Lynda Covos says:

    Jesus died for all of us on this day, he died so that we could all live and be saved.

    What ever happened while Jesus walked on the earth is now behind us, when he hung his head on that cross he surrended to the people and his father took him home.

    We are free from bondage, free from fear, free to choose.

    Choose Jesus! He is the light and the salvation of our lives!

    A True Sister in Christ!

    Lynda Covos