Do you ever attend a different church?

On Good Friday, my church held a joint worship service with several other local churches. Combining services seemed more appropriate than leaving each individual church to host a separate—and sparsely attended—service.

I do think that an important aspect of being part of a church is regular weekly attendance, but sometimes we have to miss a service or two (or more) throughout the year. Maybe there’s no service that day, or maybe you’re just on vacation; whatever the reason, we all find ourselves away from our home church for some reason throughout the year.

Do you attend multiple churches throughout the year? Why? How do you choose those churches that you visit?

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6 Responses to “Do you ever attend a different church?”

  • richard brutn says:

    yes i do my wife went to one and i went to another so we came together to one church but go to the churchs we went b4

  • We certainly try to be in church every Sunday. On vacation or when traveling, we seek a church that is close by and attend with an open mind and an open heart. One of our fondest vacation memories is visiting a small Baptist church up on a mountain in Del Rio, Tennessee. The entire service was so natural and the presence of the Holy Spirit was recognizable. The entire congregation was responsive and obviosly in worship.

  • Steve Fiorentino says:

    We love our church. However, when traveling we consider it an opportunity and a blessing to experience other worship styles, music and fellowship. WE do this on occasion based on local invites too. We suggest everyone try this at times as it challenges you to keep an open mind and heart. God Bless!!

  • Because of the nature of our work, over the past three years, my wife and I have attended or visited close to 200 different churches around the country. We are in essence professional first time visitors. We have observed the gamut of what folks are doing, trying to do and having trouble doing. It’s refreshing and at other time repetitive and confusing.

  • Doug Baxter says:

    I travel for business both inside the USA and outside the USA. When I’m out of town on a weekend I attend a church in the area I’m at. At home I attend a non-denominational church that usually has over 3,000 attending on Sunday morning.
    I start by praying for God’s direction… I go on line to see what churches are in the area I’m located…I then go to churches websites. Many have previous sermons that I can listen to. Finally I’ll get down to a list of 2-3 churches.
    I used this method while staying at Makiti City, Phillipians and descovered the church was within walking distance.
    The Lord never ceases to amaze me. I’ve never attended a church that I wouldn’t go back to….they all welcomed me with open arms and I’ve developed many friendships with the people I’ve meet.
    To my surprise many of the churches were denominational.
    The key things I look for is a church the sincerely believes, teaches, and lives the word of God….the worship part of the service is always a plus but it’s the word of God that I’m seeking and it’s direction for my daily walk with my savior Jesus Christ.
    I’ve been a christain for 40 years.

  • I like preaching and attending in different churches because Jesus has only one Church with nne goal. The murshrooming of denominations is the schene of the devil to divide the body of Christ. In Jn 17:20-21 it is the wish of Christ we be one.