Movies Built on Evil Messages

AvatarHow do you react to movies whose messages are contrary to Christianity?

I got to thinking about this after watching a recent video clip from Marc Driscoll in which he says that Avatar is the most Satanic movie he’s ever seen (Driscoll’s video is below). His main point is that Avatar‘s worldview is diametrically opposed to the Christian worldview:

James Cameron (the writer and director of Avatar) was clearly trying to make a pantheistic point about our own world. The closest thing to Christianity Avatar exhibits is a sort of messiah-figure in the main character, Jake.

I’d rather not debate the merits of Avatar, but it does provide a good starting point for a discussion of anti-Christian philosophies and worldviews in movies. Like it or not, Avatar isn’t the only movie that stands in opposition to the basic tenants of Christianity. In fact, the majority motion pictures—even the one’s without trashy content like nudity, crude humor or excessive violence—produced these days contain elements or messages that are decidedly unChristian.

What about you? Do you see a spiritual problem with watching movies that contradict Christian beliefs?

12 Responses to “Movies Built on Evil Messages”

  • Without sounding legalistic nor overly liberal, there have been movies, novels, cartoons etc. since the beginnings that clearly contrast with our Christian views. If there is a problem, it lies with those that cannot differentiate fiction from reality.

    Whether it’s “superman”, “Little Red Riding Hood” “Harry Potter” or the “Lion King” we can find things that appear off base from Christian thinkiing.

    So, I believe that if it offends your spirit, avoid it. If it is entertainment and void of vulgarity and behavior abhorent to the Holy Spirit, view it cautiously.

    Personnaly, I avoid it.

  • Michael Bertoni says:

    This has to be one of the more absurd video clips that I’ve seen in recent days. Avatar has a life affirming message. It exalts peace over war and living in harmony with the environment (being good stewards) instead of raping it for commercial gain (offshore drilling.)

    There are plenty of demonic/satanic examples in film that devalue life and glorify senseless violence. Avatar isn’t among them.

    Well made movies with an overtly Christian message are few and far between in our post Christian society. Given that, I’m happy to see movies that are life affirming.

  • Michael Bertoni says:

    I know that in Avatar they were mining and not offshore drilling like our current disaster in the gulf, but the analogy is the same.

  • shonofear says:

    I watched Avatar and honestly didn’t really gain a deeper meaning at the time from the film, though I think I just wanted to switch off and enjoy the visuals for what they were, brilliant!
    But then when I now think about it, unconsciously I was feeding on this underlying message which was ultimately contradicting my true christian beliefs. Though I couldnt see myself walking out half way through it because I didnt agree with its message.
    But when it comes to supernatural type films etc, or like the TV show, I can’t watch a single episode because it something dosen’t agree with me or God’s Spirit in me. I think thats a scary subject to dable in and probably not the wisest, imo.

  • Steve says:

    I thought Avatar boosted my connection with God. May be reading and being a fan of CS Lewis and Tolkien has enabled me to see Christ in these type of fantasy movies. God is so much bigger than the medium and wanting to speak with us in so many different ways. The story has so many parallels to the the way our true God works. He let the greedy destroyers choose the saviour. He showed His favor with signs to the one who would save them. Those the saviour was sent to rejected him. The saviour persisted till his job was done. God contributed to the mix. I came away with a sense that humanity is searching for God and needs a saviour, but i guess i think different. The idea that our consciousness will be transferred to a redeemed body – that we are only a seed of now – is core to the apostle Pauls teaching. We are going to enjoy a better life in a better body in a better place. These were all ideas i thought the movie put across – that is if we were looking…

  • Daniel says:

    Lets be honest here: there is hardly a secular movie these days that is not ungodly. From the f-word to nudity to satanic ideas (harry potter for example is a movie about witchcraft, for crying out loud!), I think ALL secular movies these days are in one way or another, opposed to Godly values. The question is what we should do as Christians. We can either refuse to watch anything at all (which is possible but somewhat extreme), or we could watch whatever (Like Pastor Howard just said) does not offend our spirits and the Spirit of God, and be very careful with what we allow to take root in our minds. Like the Bible says, Guard your heart jealously.

  • Zeid Bitar says:

    Why do we take it in a negative way, it’s only a call for peace against fighting in a creative vision. What’s wrong with that? Is it against good to create a new world and being creative? Everything around us is new. We have on earth many religions that are different than Christianity and there are a lot of movies about them so why this one? What about the Matrix and Terminator? They are all talking about different life but it’s only a different vision. I see them all a call for peace but in a unique expressive way.

  • jamie17 says:

    we need to becareful what we watch read or listen too.somethings can be helpful to us and some could be harmful i personally dont think ill ever watch the movie and i certainly do not want my children.we got to becare what kind of seeds we are planting. harrypotter and horror and none christian music i could go on an on.with in appropriate things to watch and listen tooo.i dont think its good for us because we are suppose to focus on things of god to help us grow GOD didnt give us a spirit of fear or ok it for us to watch wrong things.i wont do it but its between everyone and the LORD. i dont always do the right thing but im striving to be more like JESUS not like or of the world

  • jamie17 says:

    i meant i dont want my children to watch that movie. i love my children and we should monitor everything they take in and do

  • I think this movie issue is reflective of many decisions we face as Christians. Matt 7:13-14 reminds us that the gate is small and the road is narrow.. that is the road/journey to life. It is easy to get off the road and I believe that many things we want to accept.. movies, videos and so on.. can easily be used by the demonic realm to get us off the narrow road. We need wisdom and discernment in all things, but the bible tells us that God’s people do perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

  • prayerchild says:

    If you look for something hard enough you will find it, for me when I go to the movies I try and look beyond the simply…Blessing

  • Luke says:

    In this a pastor speaks about the dangers of certain movies and music?