How do you do your personal Bible study?

There are many different approaches to studying the Bible. Some people follow rigid reading plans; others skip around. Some people find methodologies like inductive and topical Bible studies helpful.

In the past, I’ve used books that steadily and purposefully walked me through a passage; but when left to my own devices I tend to slowly read through one book at a time. I might not move on from a particular chapter for a few days or even weeks.

What about you? How do you do your personal Bible Study?

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13 Responses to “How do you do your personal Bible study?”

  • Sean Scott says:

    It has been almost three years since I began my walk with Christ and I will have to admit my personal Bible study has been fairly hit and miss. I chalk that up largely to the fact that I have been getting my “elementary school” education as a “baby Christian.”

    But I am also a fast learner and I love to learn, research, and study. For me, the joy of discovery is the most enjoyable part of doing something. Since our relationship to God is a journey that never ends while we are alive, I find it that much more enjoyable to read and to learn.

    Of course we must also apply what we have learned, or else the knowledge is useless. You can have something, but if you never use it than you are no better off than when you did not have it.

    In my early weeks my wife thoughtfully purchased Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” for me, which was literally a God-send. I soaked it up, underlined and underlined it, and I still read it often. It has been my companion book to my Bible.

    I have read a couple of Max Lucado’s books: “The Angels Were Silent” and “Traveling Light.” I can see why he is one of the most popular Christian authors today. I have learned much from him and his way of taking a part of the Bible and writing a book with life lessons about it. I also have a daily devotional that uses a verse of scripture coupled with one of Lucado’s writings that tie in with the verse. I read this daily at work.

    Lately I have been recording Joyce Meyer’s “Enjoying Everyday Life” program on the DVR. This way I can pause and rewind because I take copious notes because I really like how she directly ties lessons from the Bible to real life. I also enjoy her direct style of speaking and her genuine honesty. She does not bother me like many other televangelists do.

    During our Independence Day family barbecue my mother-in-law and I were discussing reading and Bible study and she mentioned that she has a Bible study series of books that she would let me use. I look forward to that as I want to settle in to a more structured plan of Bible study.

  • Albert Morse says:

    I do my personal bible study by reading 4 chapters of the bible. I start were my bookmark is and I read 4 chapters. After reading 4 chapters I put my bookmark in for tomorrow. Then I start writing my own commentary. I write notes to myself about what I have learned. I write notes for future sermons on these chapters. I will write notes about the day coming up. Then I pray. Specifically I pray that I submit to his will that I have learned today.

  • Benalin says:

    I love doing personal Bible study. I do it through inductive Bible study. Having spend some time praying, I choose a small pasago of one particular book. then ask various observation questions like who wrote, who are important characters and so on. Having noted them, I ll find difficult words and key words. then i will interpret what i ve observed. Based on interpretation, i ll apply it to my life.

  • samuel says:

    i read the bible by means of doing it chapter by chapter, as in, with each book, i read one chapter per day. And it has been very helpful, am almost done with the Old testament, thank be to God

  • Jamie Bloomer says:

    I use The Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide. I have used it since high school (not as faithfully then) and that was over thirty years ago. I love the stories from people all over the world and see how we are indeed all God’s children learning, loving and living. I really like the prayer focus as I know thousands are praying for those and sometimes, I am one for which prayers are being lifted!! It is interdenominational, international, and interracial. Best of all it draws me to a time to spend with My Lord.
    I do enjoy Bible study with my church but the last year has had me moving around and dealing with family health issues so I am missing those meetings. Reading the Upper Room daily then sharing with my spouse or others that I know read that magazine, is a blessing.
    Blessings to all,

  • Joyce D. says:

    My pastor encouraged us to read a chapter in Proverbs daily. Today’s the 8th, read Proverbs 8, so on and so forth.

    I am also reading through the Bible from beginning to end. When I have difficulty reading the Old Testament, I go to and use the audio portion to get me through the difficult words.

    Bible concordances, word dictionaries, and Halley’s Bible Handbook are a must… & prayer for the Holy Spirit to teach me because I get distracted easily…

  • Charles says:

    I’ve found that the only way that I will be consistent in personal Bible study is to follow a reading plan. Otherwise, I tend to not do it at all or jump back and forth to the books that I like and leave the more difficult books. I’ve found that following a daily plan helps me to stay focused on reading Scripture and also to gain more understanding from what I am reading.

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    When you die what does the spaghetti monster do for or to you?
    If my God is as real as the spaghetti monster? How would that change your answers to the questions about him?
    Pastor G

  • Tammy says:

    i do my personal bible study by what God tells me He directs me in what wants me to know He also convicts me when He needs to

  • malagasy says:

    As for me, first I read the every day bible verse given to me according to the bible reading plan. I try to understand the verse and after, I always suppose I have to explain it to others, so I take a pen and write my explanation using as many as possible verses from the Bible.

  • Deb Titis says:

    At the present I’m involved in my church’s reading plan called Daily Bread where we read the Bible through in a yr. It’s dated with scriptures from both the old and new testament. I’ve done it in yrs past and really enjoyed it. Enjoying it this time as well. Many of the people of the congregation are involved and it becomes a lot of fun.
    But I like to skip around in the Bible also, taking my time and using other books in researching things of interest.
    I’ve just found this link and I’m really excited about using all the resources available. The Lord is so Good, and it’s so fascinating to have sites like this to avail myself of. Thanks so much. God Bless, Deb

  • prossy says:

    I use a daily devotional book but you find that at times it has something like one verse so then i do as the spirit leads me but no falling off my trend of daily devotions. It keeps me focused to studying and understanding what God wants me to get out of the explainations.

    Prossy Kampala

  • Bill R. says:

    Each month I focus on a particular theme or topic – something that I would like to better understand and apply in my life more fully – e.g. prayer, grace, parables, proverbs, intercession, the eucharist. I search out, buy or borrow a couple Christian books on that topic for my morning devotionals and “recreational” reading, going to my Bible to locate, read and ponder referenced passages used in those books. My study Bible then refers me to other relevant passages of Scripture.