Today’s Devotional: Eternal Significance

Do you have any accomplishments you’re particularly proud of?

We’ve all been successful at something. Whether it’s a small or big, those moments of success stick with us. For example, I still remember the elated feeling after I won the Frisbee toss in my fourth grade gym class’ track and field day. Looking back on it, I can recognize that it’s a seriously inconsequential achievement, but to my fourth grade self getting that blue ribbon was the best thing in the world.

Our devotional this morning from Strength for the Journey reminds us that while our accomplishments seem amazing in the moment, when viewed from the vantage point of eternity, they quickly become meaningless:

So here’s the sobering lesson. No matter how important your accomplishments are now and how much applause they generate, time will eventually erase the headlines of your life. Ultimately, all that will be left is your name and dates on a seldom-visited tombstone.

Unless, that is, you live your life to do something of significance for eternity. Like the preacher says, “Only one life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last!” So here are some suggestions for living a life that counts forever.

* Give meaningful portions of your time, gifts, talents, and money to advance the eternal cause of Jesus in your town. Remember, that wiggly six-year-old in your Sunday school class may be the next Billy Graham! (See Matthew 25:21.)
* Encourage your children to consider going somewhere in this world to win people to Christ and to plant churches that will propagate the eternal power of Jesus to save those who otherwise are eternally lost. (See Matthew 9:36.)
* Raise a godly generation to carry the eternal values and principles of God’s Word into their world. (See Psalm 119:89-90.)
* Be like Jesus: live to win a lost friend to the eternal joy of heaven. (See Luke 19:10.) Love and obey God with all your heart. Look forward to His appearing and receive a crown of righteousness when you get to heaven. (See 2 Timothy 4:8.)

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What do you invest your time and energy into that has eternal significance?

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