Today’s Devotional: Drifting Away From God

Do you feel distant from God?

Chances are good that feeling of distance didn’t develop overnight. When we drift away from God, it’s a slow and steady process. It might happen over a period of months or years, but all of the sudden we realize that we’ve been pushing God away rather than running towards Him. The devotional today from Strength for the Journey describes how we fall into this pattern and also gives us great advice for avoiding it in the future:

Satans opening volley was not a blistering attack on God; it was a simply a question that he wanted Eve to think about. Did God really say, You must not eat from any tree in the garden? (Genesis 3:1). Actually, God had said that she could eat of every tree but one. But Satan twisted the facts to suit his purposes and to lead Eves mind to the conclusion that God was not the generous God she had known Him to be, but rather a stingy, restrictive, joy killer. Once she had let her heart drift to the wrong conclusion, it was easy for her to believe Satans lie that God just wanted to keep her from being as knowledgeable as He is and that the threat of them dying was just Gods way of scaring them into compliance with His stingy ways.

Satan still sets us adrift by planting doubt about Gods Word and spinning the facts to his own evil advantage.

Once we begin to suspect God instead of trusting Him, we inevitably drift away from Him. So, beware! Your life is full of scenarios where Satan can put his deceitful twist on your experiences. He is the spin-doctor of hell, and as Jesus said, When [Satan] lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies (John 8:44).

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Have you recently found yourself becoming distant with God? What’s stopping you from moving back towards Him?

6 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: Drifting Away From God”

  • Ashley says:

    Wow i just said last night that i needed to get closer to God becasue i am drifting….and i made appoint to study his word every morning before work, so i get online to use the bible online and look what God leads me to….THank You Lord

  • Demi says:

    God really sends these things to me. I was just realizing this morning that my relationship with God is not as strong as it used to be. Sent me here. Thank God for my revelation

  • gwen says:

    i feel like i am but some wear in my mind i know im nothing with out him all i have is because of him so that keeps me striving to get that relationship back that i once had with him because i want be save i want go hone with the lord ,i want my kids and my husband to be saved i want to serve him with all my heart and not some. keep me in prayer please.

  • Claire says:

    I did something which was wrong and i am unable to forgive myself. I struggle with accepting God’s forgiveness and have blamed him for not changing the way things worked out. As a result of these negative feelings i have found myself making some very poor choices and i have ended up down a road that i never, and i repeat never, thought i would be. Now i struggle because i don’t know how to get back to where i need to be. I often say that i feel as if i made the wrong turn at the fork in the road and now there is no way to get back. I know this isn’t true. Yesterday at church i abstained from communion because i know i am not where i need to be. And yes, over a period of time i feel more and more disconnected and distant from God. But, yesterday, i asked God to forgive me and to guide me and to give me the courage to get out of the hole i have found myself in. Today, is my first day of a new start. Thanks, i needed this devotion this morning.

  • Nedum says:

    I am active in my local church but for a long time now I know I’ve just been working the motions and not depended on God. Like today’s topic points out, yesterday, I had started asking myself if I won’t do fine without a real realtionship with God. Just now, I had that little nudge to do some bible study and look what I found – and this is only my first time here. Really, God never tires of searching His children out to give us hope when life’s having its toil.

  • Jannie says:

    I think i have been go through a growing distance for a long time, but I believe it is because of some hurtful actions of christians. They seem to get by without any remorse or change, even accolades from others. It is just hard to deal with hypocrisy. I know my bitterness about it is not good, but it is so hard to just be passive. Some Christians are so passive and live in their Christian community bubble and that turns me off so much. I really need to get back to being close to God. I also feel very discouraged sometimes about how the world is going….i see it as a tragic place. There is untold suffering and it is so hard to come to terms with it.