Today’s Devotional: The Routines of Faith

Depending on when you ask me there’s a good chance I’d call myself a runner. There are times when I wear the label proudly, but there are times when it’s been months since I’ve accelerated beyond a brisk walk. Catch me then and you’ll get an extensive and meandering litany of excuses.

Running, like most physical activity, is habit based. For the most part, the more regularly you work out, the more you want to do it. After all, staying in shape is much easier than getting into shape.

The devotional over at Our Daily Bread today is about our spiritual routines. Just as we can get into healthy physical activities like running, we can get into healthy spiritual routines like setting aside time to pray or praise God:

Summer can also be a dangerous time of breaking good habits. Certain routines are good. They increase our efficiency and ensure that important things get done. After all, we need to have fixed times and places for certain things or the world would be chaotic. Creation is designed to operate on schedule, and, as part of it, so are we. We need food and sleep at regular intervals.

We sometimes hear legitimate warnings about allowing routines to turn into ruts. But the Bible indicates that having set times for certain things is good. David indicated that morning was the right time for him to praise God and ask for His direction (Ps. 5:3; 143:8). And Daniel prayed three times a day, and not even the threat of death made him change his routine (Dan. 6:10).

While enjoying carefree days, we must not become careless about spending time with God. Savoring spiritual sustenance is a routine for all seasons.

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Where in your daily routine does time with God fall? If you don’t have a habit of praying to God at a certain time, how might you develop one?

2 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: The Routines of Faith”

  • Janice Cook says:

    Habits God’s gift or the devil’s shovel to dig our own grave? Same coin or God given ability. But what habits are we forming good ones or bad. The choice is ours. I want to be a habitation of the Lord.

  • God did not give us habits. HE told act on our free will. what we choise to do wheather it be good or bad.We just go afther the bad things a lot more than the good. Even the food we eat; food that we know tast good yet are told that a lot of it ts bad for us. We look for the easy way to happiness,love,fun,entertanment,money,frindship,sucess etc.Soon we see that this worked for this and that an we stay with it never wanting to change. Even tho it dont work anymore in the face of reality.Yet we still stay with it calling it hbit,habits.