Reaching out to Muslims during Ramadan

We’re most of the way through Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. Ever since 9/11, Ramadan carries with it a certain amount of cultural tension here in the United States—tension that’s been ratcheted up by recent controversies over the Cordoba House debate and ill-advised publicity stunts by angry Christians.

Yet in the midst of all the usual political tension, Ramadan presents an opportunity for Christians to learn a bit more about Islam and perhaps reach out to the Muslims in our communities. Every year, Arab World Ministries puts together a free Ramadan prayer guide for Christians and other articles understanding and sharing the Gospel with Muslims. If your only exposure to Ramadan is through political pundits and TV talking heads, I encourage you to take some time to read through AWM’s material.

Ramadan is a good time to think about how we, personally, might be better Christian witnesses to the Muslims living around us. What about you—do you know or interact with Muslims in your community? What might you or your church do to express Christlike love to Muslims in your area, and to point them to the hope of the Gospel?

3 Responses to “Reaching out to Muslims during Ramadan”

  • Caleb Robert Link says:

    If your talking about converting Muslims to Christianity during Ramadan all I can say is that is absolutely Wrong and Culturally disrespectful that’s like if we sought to convert the Jews on the Day of Atonement!!!

    This website is in no Way truly Christian.

    Bottom line your not Christians at all.
    You Racist W.A.S.P
    like the false Prophet Billy Graham.

  • David says:

    We should not purposely or particularly go about on special occasions to proclaim the gospel, however the Lord Jesus has charged us to go forth into city after city, day after day, from house to house, in season and out of season. We do not disrespect others when it comes to what they believe in and what they celebrate, however whether it is better for us to listen to God rather than men, judge, for God does not look into the face of men. As difficult as it may be for unbelievers to turn to the living God, whom they cannot see with human eyes, and whom they cannot feel with human hands, and whom they cannot understand with human minds, we have as great a responsibility before God to take any opportunities He gives us to proclaim the One who has saved us.

    Jesus did not make an exception for the “Sabbath-keeping” Jews but healed people especially on the Sabbath because, as He said, “Should not these who have been bound by Satan for many years be released today?”, for them to enter into God’s rest? Neither did He care for the great day of the feast of the Jews, but instead He stood and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink!” If that great day of the feast satisfied the human spirit, no one would thirst. But nothing satisfies apart from Christ as the Spirit in our spirit!

  • I can see merrit in both the original post and the last post. I don’t think we should miss any opertunity to testify for our Lord and a real Muslim will talk with you anytime about his God. They are the same; the difference in the two religions is Jesus Christ (Massiah Elahym) which most Christians know little about any way. The only post that affends me is the first form Caleb Robert Link. Sir, how can you talk about any one while writing such a mean spirited post as you did? Our Lord never berated anyone for not knowing if he or she was never exposed to the truth about something. All he did was give them the truth and how can you say that someone is a racicest having not meet them. The only thing you have to go in making a statement of that sort is a single post or do you think everyone that thinks this way is a WASP? Well I think along the same lines and I am an Afro-American minister. Not a false profit, which you seem to put all Christians that don’t agree with your racist views. For what you wrote has all the earmarks of a Suito-Christian dictator. Sorry if I offend you but you really put your self in a camp of not being either Christian or Muslim just a hatefull person with a chip on his scholder. My prayers go out to you and I hope you find peace and love in you bitter heart.