Today’s Devotional: Building Your Spiritual House

This devotional from Lifetime Guarantee uses the metaphor of a house to describe our spiritual lives. When we build our house, we use Jesus as a foundation, but the rest of construction is up to us. Will we use weak material like straw and sticks, or strong materials like brick and stone? If we use the former, when spiritual storms come we might be in trouble. If we use the latter, we’ll be prepared when the winds start blowing:

“It’s like the story about the three little pigs.” John paused and we paused. “If you build with straw or sticks, your work is going to be destroyed. If you build with bricksstable materialsyour work will stand.”

It always surprises me how the Lord reveals insight into His written Word with such simple stories. John just added his “two cents” worth to the discussion and then we all were quiet because we were all pondering the metaphor he presented.

We were talking about “how” to build on the foundation of Christ (I Corinthians 3:10-16). You’ll remember the choice we have according to that scripture: Wood, hay and straw, or gold, silver and precious stones. Jesus tells us about the wise man and the foolish man in the scripture above. In the children’s story it was the “wicked wolf” that came and in Jesus’ story it’s the wind, the rain and the floods. For us, it’s the world and how the insidious ruler of this world stomps and rants and raves and uses all his sadistic tactics and wisdom in his effort to destroy us.

I wonderhas the wicked wolf been blowing on your house lately? Or have the rains and the floods come and your “house” has fallen? You thought you were so secure, but you didn’t know what was in your future. Believers all have the same “Foundation” through our salvation experience and that unshakable Foundation is Jesus Christ, but of what have we built our “house?”

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How has the strength of your spiritual house been tested recently?

2 Responses to “Today’s Devotional: Building Your Spiritual House”

  • Tasha says:

    This is absolutly amazing. Years ago when I was younger, when hard times hit, I would crumble. I was raised in a Christian home, but we hardly ever went to church, so I sort of lost my strenghth. But I’ve been going again now for years, I’ve found the perfect church and I love being able to draw closer to God. He’s helped me through so much already, I know that he’s always with me, and that no matter what happens, he’s going to help me through it.

  • Traci says:

    Love the analogy of the Three Litte Pigs! Makes one think!