True Cross-Cultural Church Partnerships
Many well-intentioned mission trips falter over the long-haul by fostering a one sided dependence. Avoid this tendency with these well-seasoned tips.

Short-Term Missions: Introductory Articles
A few sites for learning about short-term missions.

100 Youth Ministry Gems
Three veteran youth ministers share their best seasoned advice.

Organizing for Effectiveness
Overwhelmed by mountains of papers and e-mails? Here's how to get organized.

Staff Relations: Partnering with Your Senior Pastor
Insights from youth ministers on how to relate to your senior pastor.

Volunteers: A Job Description of Five Hours Per Week
A job description for small group leaders which asks for 5 hours of shepherding, preparation, etc. per week.

Recruitment as Shepherding
Recruitment can become coercing people into helping you succeed in your ministry. Instead, let it become shepherding.

Volunteers: How to Fire Them
A volunteer is ineffective and either won't or can't learn new skills. The youth under her are turning off spiritually. What can you do?

Volunteers: Evaluation Form
Adapt this form to fit your small group goals and style and use it to evaluate the effectiveness of your teachers and help them sharpen their gifts.

Managing Volunteers: Evaluation
For ongoing development of your small group leaders, evaluation is invaluable. Here's how.