Thousand Foot Krutch: Igniting Our Flames
Canadian rockers Thousand Foot Krutch have released their fourth album, The Flame in All of Us (Tooth & Nail) to critical acclaim. “We tried to delve deeper into what we love about music,” explains lead singer Trevor McNevan from his home in Brentwood, TN.

Review of The Culture-Wise Family
For those of us who work with teenagers, we are aware of the vast influence of mass media in their lives. Most teenagers spend hours a day listening to music, watching television, or surfing the internet.

Review of Afterwords by Collective Soul
They say that you know a hit when you hear it. That is the case with the song "Hollywood" from Collective Soul's new album, Afterwords. "Hollywood" features a fun melody that you catch yourself tapping on the steering wheel in traffic and a chorus easy enough to remember for singing in the shower.

Review of The One, the Only Magnificent Me by Dan Haseltine
The One, the Only Magnificent Me written by Haseltine and illustrated by award-winning artist Joel Schoon Tanis is a delightful story about an imaginative young boy striving to find individuality amongst his peers.

Rush of Fools’ Confounded Plans
Releasing their self-titled debut album in May, Rush of Fools has made quite an impression with listeners with the release of their first radio single, “Undo.” The song, a ballad about God’s forgiveness for His wandering children, has caused the band’s inbox to be inundated with e-mails from fans.

Conquering the Fear of Flight with Wavorly
Life on the road for rock bands isn’t all glamor and glitz. True, there are adoring fans, concerts galore, and opportunities to travel. But then there are also down days, like the one that Wavorly was having the day before Matt Lott’s interview with YMX.

Review of How To Ruin Your Life By 40
Steve Farrar's latest book, How To Ruin Your Life By 40, reads like a how-to manual for the first 20 years of your adult life. With sometimes brutal honesty, Farrar lays out a plan to keep us all from making some of the typical mistakes during some of our most formative years.

Pages by Shane & Shane
The delightful duo of Shane & Shane returns to the music scene after three years with its fourth music project, Pages. Literally ripped from the pages of Shane Barnard’s personal music journal, Pages (Inpop ) is a worshipful journey that lulls its listeners into peaceful rest and communion with God

You're Next by Greg Stier
Theology--it literally means the “study of the Word of God.” But what happens when you mention the word theology around your youth ministry? Do your students and leaders cringe or sigh hoping you’re not going to make them study something they think is from “old school scholars.”

Your Girl by Vicki Courtney
Your Girl by Vicki Courtney touches on many topics that are important to teens and to their mothers. There are articles and chapters on why a girl should dress modestly, including a guy’s perspective on that.